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The Sad Truth

It is very sad that in 2020 women still do not feel safe. Well here is a word to keep women safe in bars.

So if someone said to you can I have an “Angel Shot” what would you think or do. Most probably get out your app and try and figure out how to make it.

Well you could of just put a girls life in danger, this is the problem with this system people are just not educated on what the word means. O and i some areas you are meant to say, “Angela” just to make it more confusing.

So lets make it less confusing, If you feel in danger tell the bartender you are in danger. 

What we need to do is teach women is that it is ok to ask for help and there are some decent men out there. 

Code word to keep women safe? Angel Shot or Angela.

If you ask for an Angel Shot make sure you say how you want it.

Neat – means you just want an escort until your are out of the situation.

With Ice – means for them to call you a taxi or Uber.

With Lime – means call the police

The bartender all ready knows

If you are feeling uncomfortable or think you are in danger the bartenders probably already knows this. Bartenders see a lot of weird and wonderful things going on in bars. A lots of bartenders are very good at reading body language, they probably are just waiting for you to ask for help.

Most bars and bartenders do not what to create a seen at their bar and they do not want any bad stories associated with their bar. So they will hold back until asked.

Ask for help if you are in trouble.

Bar owners

If you are a bar owner manager  Ask for “Angel Shot” poster is a great thing to post in the women’s bathroom, make them feel a bit safer. You can use really whatever code you want but we suggest making things less complicated and use “Ask for Angel Shot”.

Download Angel Shot Bathroom Poster Here.

Make sure your safe a trained and understand how to handle the situation. You don’t want any hero bartenders going and starting a fight. Remember this person maybe asking for help but the other patron is innocent until proven guilty. You have no rights or responsibility to be the judge, jury and executioner for the person in question.

Your only responsibility is making sure the patron that asked for help is safe.

word to save girls in bars
Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash

To proud equals trouble

There are hundreds of different ways to get yourself out of a bad date, tell and waiter, bartender, other girl in the bathroom, text a friend.

Do be to proud to ask for help, if you think he is a bit dodgy know one is going to judge you. Asking for help and having 10minuties of embarrassment is better than the other.

Everyone has been though these types of nights even men. But the one main thing is that you get though it. Help is there just ask.

Angel Shot or Angela

Angel Shot, Angle Shot, Angel Shot remember it but if you are in trouble and believe your life is in danger just tell someone directly. “I NEED SOME HELP” or “CALL THE POLICE”

We love the idea of another way to keep people safe but, we still think we need to educate women it does not make them weak to ask for help.

Please share your thoughts below and any experiences that you have had. Other codes you have stumbled across.

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Jason Masson

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