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Common cocktails

  • Bee’s Knees
  • Palomaesque
  • Southern Exposure
  • Division Bell

The Versatile Cobbler Cocktail Shaker.

If you want to try creating some cocktails as a beginner you have to know there are infinite possibilities when talking about cocktails. Different flavors, recipes, ingredients, tools, and methods. If you don’t have a shaker, you’re definitely missing a lot of preparations. If you’re starting, we recommend you the Cobbler Cocktail shaker.

Why this shaker? The Cobbler cocktail shaker is one of the best beginner’s shaker because it’s easy to use and it has an integrated strainer! Also, it doesn’t hold too much, so it’s great for experimenting with flavors. Of course, you can still use the Boston or French shaker. These are more professional shakers, used for creating a lot of cocktails at the same time.

What’s the difference? You can differentiate them because the cobbler cocktail shaker is a three-piece shaker. It has a cap with a strainer and a metal tumbler. The other ones have just two pieces.

Who created the Cobbler cocktail shaker?

In 1884Edward Hauck, registered a patent for a three-piece shaker, which included a standard mixing tin as the base and a top with an integrated strainer. It was called the Cobbler cocktail shaker, and this is often related to the cocktail called Sherry Cobbler. This shaker became the perfect one for home bars, due to its smaller size and its integrated strainer.

Some find it inefficient because the strain isn’t the greatest. It’s also a little bit harder to open, and if you close it wrongly… you can cause serious damage to your carpet! The cleaning process is longer for this one. That’s why the Boston shaker is more famous, because of its simple design.

Common uses.

The Angostura Bitter has traveled a long way around the world just to be a part of a huge list of cocktails. And everyone loves them!

The most common ones are the Gunner, Lemon, Lime and bitters, Long Vodka, the Pisco Sour, the Fallen Angel and the Brandy Sour.

Some add it to soups and sauces in Venezuela, so it’s a great condiment too.

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So, which type of Cocktail shaker is better?

It’s up to you to decide this! Some feel more comfortable with the cobbler cocktail shaker, and some prefer the Boston shaker. What really matters is that you should definitely own one or the other, as the shaker is one of the most important tools for cocktailing!


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