Mixo two: 120 cocktails / hour

Mixologiq’s Mixo Two – a top-notch cocktail maker that will blow you away with its efficiency.

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Mixologiq – Profitable Cocktails made in seconds!

Mixologiq is a new brand that’s been clawing its way into recognition ever since its creation.

From a controverted origin, this company arose from the ashes of their first lessons, only to grow stronger than ever and make an admirable comeback.

Mixologiq is a very simple concept that uses complex engineering to make the impossible possible – making a cocktail automatically in just about 30 seconds.

Their cocktail maker, the Mixo Two, is unlike any other.

We’re cocktail lovers, so instead of Mixo Two, we call it a miracle of well-applied science and technology.

There’s no doubt that this company will pave its way to success with innovation, as we’ve seen their growth plans and future projects.

Long-life to amazing entrepreneurs that conceive this kind of concept – all hail Mixologiq!

Cocktail maker vs. bartender?

Well, of course, we’ll always prefer the magical hands of a bartender.

However, the quality of the Mixo Two is pretty close, but its speed is unmatchable, so it’s a good exchange.

There’s no doubt that the Mixo Two can be really helpful in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and more businesses in the hospitality industry.

It’s the only affordable way of creating highly profitable cocktails, with a minimum margin of error, amazing quality every time, and that can be poured in 30 seconds!

cocktail maker mixologiq
Via Mixologiq

Mixo two

The Mixo Two is the second generation of cocktail makers produced by the brand – and the first one to have actual success.

If the first one was amazing in its concept, this one was perfected down to the smallest detail.

With it, you can create 100 pre-configured cocktail recipes, create personalized signature cocktails, and pour 150 cocktails before having to reload the machine.

But that’s not even the best part – each cocktail is made in 30 seconds and has a much better ROI, mostly because it’s cheaper to make them.

It also requires no previous experience to operate it because each cocktail is two clicks away!

Cocktail Machine
Via Mixologiq

Final thoughts

The Mixo Two is just the first successful machine to bring recognition to the brand, but the future of Mixologiq is bright.

We highly recommend you to check out this machine in action – it’s a demonstration of how far we’ve improved even the smallest aspects of our society.

If you’re a techie, you’ll wonder how it works.

If you’re a cocktail lover, you’ll wonder how it tastes.

And if you’re like us, you’ll want one of these beauties for your living room!

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