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Choosing employees for your bar? Let us help you!

When it comes to choosing employees for a bar, pub or others alike, you have to pay attention to details. Details matter! Why? Because you don’t want crazy people serving your customers! And it’s even worse if your customers are drinking (and of course they will be drinking!) because this can get a little out of hand. This guide when hopefully help you when choosing employees for your bar!

First things first; define the job they'll be doing.

The first thing you should do is define the job they will be apply for. This will give you a guide of what you are searching. This includes knowing what type of bar you own, what kind of customers you will be serving and so on. That way you know what you want your new employees to know, besides the basics, like how to clean up their workspace, prepare certain cocktails or even how to pour a beer. You might want them to clean toilets or prepare food, hopefully not at the same time. If your new employees know exactly what they are in for they cannot complain when you ask them to do their job.

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Personality matters!

You don’t want to hire the girl from legally blond to serve drinks at your Rock&Roll – Trash Metal bar! It just won’t turn out right. This means you have to look for someone with the right capacities for ensure quality, as well as someone with the right personality. This is really important if you want to hire someone that can get along with your customers and just keep them coming because of the great service. Proactive workers are the right pick, especially if they can adapt to the theme of your bar.

You have to really get to know the person you are hiring, this will give you confidence to trust them later. If you are not trusting your employees, you are wasting time and energy on paying attention to what they are doing and not what you are doing.

Check references and experience.

After you like their personality and know they have the skills to do the job you need to check their past experience. Why is it the third point? Because personalities are very important and sometimes can outweigh skills! But, more often than you think, you’ll find great people, with great A-type personalities, and they don’t even know how to serve water!

It’s great to find someone that can adapt quickly, when checking references ask how quickly they learnt, don’t just discard them if they say not quickly; they can learn. (But do you have the time to teach) Of course, if you have an A-class cocktail bar, then you might do better with someone with a lot of knowledge.

Last but not least!

Take the time, and tackle the task personally (no recruiters needed) while choosing employees the right way. After all, your employees are the most important part of any service business. Do you need help training your new employees?

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