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The more possibilities the better the name.

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Okay lets Choose A Name For Your Bar.

Okay so lets write down some words that relate to the things in the previous article, If you missed it Click Here

Download bar name builder template below


Below we are going to do an example, we have just made it up.
It is a guy named Nathan that surfs and hates the loud music in nightclubs. He wants to create a bar for surfers to chill when the surf is flat.

This is the list of things we came up with.


  • Manly Beach Australia
  • Beach
  • Ocean Drive
  • Next to a surf shop
  • The building is a old cottage


  • Nathan
  • Surfy
  • Love the water
  • Hate loud music
  • like to relax
  • Family of suits and lawyers


  • Beach
  • Relaxed
  • Chill
  • Quite
  • surf related
  • Ocean related
  • Water related


  • Burgers
  • Tapas
  • Small plates
  • frozen cocktails
  • lots of craft beer


  • Blue
  • White
  • Wood
  • Yellow
  • green
  • natural colours

Ok lets find a name For Nathan's Bar.

Remember the words above are a guide you need to find other words that relate to the words what you are looking for.

Example: Surfy what are surfer terms, beach break, blank and so on. We just typed surfer teams into google and got a huge list, check it out here SurfingWaves.com

Remember the word chill and quiet were used. Nathan does not want a busy, loud bar so no high energy words. like Wipeout or Super.

Beach Break

Ocean Chill

Quite Set

Blank Board

Blue Water

Surfers Break

Chill set

Ocean St Chill

Close out


Beach Heaven

Wet Suit

Frozen Water

Manly Chill

Manly Surf Burger

Manly Cottage

Cottage Cocktails


Flat As


Small Sets

Surf Craft

Leggy On

Grom Bites

Classic Mal

Nathans Heaven

Nathans Board

Nathans Burgers

Curtain call


Write everything

What I did was wrote down everything that came to my head and there where plenty more so it is a good starting point.

They are not all winners or even close to winners, but they lead to the winner.

So after an hour I came back to look at the list again and crossed out the ones I automatically hated.

Stupid things like that will put you off a name. But by the process of elimination you should find one you like.

Before you fall in love

Ok so you have found a name or some names, don’t fall in love with it just yet. There are still lots of things to do before you settle on the name.

First: Check Business name availability, via government sites – if someone else has the name you might not be able to use it.

Second: Check domain and social, 1. check and see if the names are available. .coms are a must but local is the next best. But make sure if the .com is taken that it does not link to something bad. 

Third: Check with you friends and family they are going to tell you if they love it or hate it. Tell them to think of any puns or this that could make the name sound bad.

Fourth: Google it.

selecting bar names
Photo by Tomás Nuño on Unsplash

Choose A Name For Your Bar

I hope this gave you some ideas and please share with us your stories and your names.

We would love to know if you used this and if you found it helpful. Please comment below.

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