$1000's on a shower

If I said your daily shower is going to cost $10K you would probably not shower again.

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VIP Champagne Showers

Does spending $10,000 on a 1 min of fun sound like you? Well if so well maybe head to Vegas this summer for a champagne shower. These champagne parties are nothing new they have been having champagne online time but normally is was cheap champagne and a bit of fun, now people are spraying $500-$2000 bottles of champagne around.

Makes you feel a little sick hey, well if you are celebrating the fact you just sold your company for 1 billion or your latest drug shipment didn’t get seized than why the hell not.

Some people see this as a terrible practice that has no point apart from rich people being waste full. But we are going to stick up for the rich people. If this makes you happy and have a good time it’s worth every penny.

What Is A Champagne Shower?

The Answer is in the name it is a shower with champagne.

Manly used to celebrate something, this started when teams one championships or race car drivers won races they sprayed a bottle of champagne over everyone. Now it is just fun thing to do.

Bars and Clubs getting in on the celebration

Bars and clubs are always looking at new unique ways to entertain their patrons. Champagne showers are a great way to get attention. If a bar or club is know as the place people celebrate people want to go there, not because of the champagne showers but because if people that are celebrating something are there that the place is going to be more fun.

Places to have champagne parties.

Most of the places that have these types of crazy parties are out door venues. This is because it is very messy normally beach clubs and pool clubs. But we are seeing more and more nightclubs allow it.

Plan and simple if you have the money to pay for it most clubs will let you doing it.

There is a long lit of places that will allow you to do a champagne shower, but some of our favorites are below.

A nothing big hit for Instagram in 2019 is the Champagne Saber read more about them here.

But if you want the ultimate upgrade to your champagne shower party. Check out this golden champagne gun.

So next time you’re celebrating in one of these clubs make sure you way up the option to have a bottle of champagne to spray around just make sure you protect your valuables because this stuff goes everywhere.

Make sure you drink responsibly and always have fun.


Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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