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Champagne Saber / Sword

VIP's want it You Need To Give it To them

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Look Like a Baller

The new Instagram trend to make you like like you have a VIP lifestyle, poppin bottles with a Saber. Sounds pretty useless but when done right it does make you look pretty baller.

This fade probably wont last for long it will die away like the champagne showers and champagne guns. O and the money gun was a thing to, maybe more at strip clubs.

But while it is here make sure you give it a go, but it does take some skill and the right saber.

When is the right time to use a saber. Anytime you want but make sure you have a camera on it. People have been poppin bottles at weddings for years, but now some clubs are letting their VIP’s have a go at it. This is good for business as lots of people break the bottle when they do it so they will need to buy another.

What Is a champagne saber? Well is just a large knife. A saber is actually another word for sword or a different type of sword. But the most Champagne sabers are to short to be classified as a sword or saber.

The original saber was large and heavy use this is why the cavalry used them they where easier to use on a horseback. So the answer really is it is a little saber it gets the saber name.

The best Champagne saber

Well this is going to depend on your style a bit, but our favouites are below. we like the simpler classy looking ones but some of the pirate looking ones are pretty cool too.

The price seems quite high but when you put it in perspective the cottle your popping the top off is can be the same price. Plus this is a baller thing to do so so it cant be cheap. If you are buying for a bar or club to use you need to spend some coin on a good quality one. Some of the cheaper ones will only take a few hits.

Laguiole en Aubrac Genuine Champagne Sabre

From the company that makes $200 bottle openers, you should see this as cheap. you can tell how much time and effort that has gone in to making sure that their saber sits at the top of the list. With Buffalo horn handle it is a bit different to the metal or wood finishes. With a beautiful gift box and next day shipping, you can make sure this weekend is that little different. This will Impress your instagram followers.

California Champagne Saber

Just look at that thing. You know you are going to get attention in the club when you use that to open your bottle of Dom Perignon. This is a solid product they are hand made with the best raw materials and they can make custom ones two.  This is a company based in California in San Fransisco that is focused on making the highest quality products for bars and clubs. If you buy this for home this one you will put on the shelf not in a draw.

Viski Belmont Champagne Saber

Classy!! The Viski Belmont Saber looks very similar to the California Saber maybe, but this picture just makes it look so elegant. This is the perfect saber for $50 less . 16.5 inches this with and with a smooth edge not as sharp as others good for safety. But they say it still works the same, if not better. Viski is a awesome range of products we will be doing a full review soon.

YiFeng Champagne Saber

Bang for buck your not going to find much better for under $50. No it does not look as good as the others but that is because it is half the price. But they say it still works the same.

Ok it does not look as fancy as some of the others. I think if you just want it for a quick Instagram video it is a great buy.

Claude Dozorme Champagne Sword Napoleon, olive

We are not  the biggest fans of the pirate sword ones. But this one made by the famous french company Claude Dozorme is pretty bloody amazing.  If you want to be a pirate and poppin bottle this is the one for you. Plus it is does come with a really cool stand. Claude Dozorme make ridiculously good quality and expensive pocket knives. So this should last quite a while. 

Looking for Other Baller Bar Toys

There are lots of other silly things you can do in a bar or party to make the night a bit more unique.

Check out our full list here.

Want to see a Gold Champagne Gun party click here

Tell us what you think of the Champagne Sabers and if you have use one below in the comments.


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