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Drinking your way into style with the Champagne flute.

Everyone loves Champagne; it’s the staple drink for celebrations! We’re sure that it has been present in a lot of your accomplishments, and we also don’t think that’s going to stop. So you should do it right by drinking it in Champagne flute!

There are a lot of reasons that make the Champagne flute perfect for tasting champagne the right way. The most important one is about the nucleation on this kind of glass. Because of this, the natural carbonation of the drink stays longer. It also has an aesthetics reason; the Champagne flute looks great in this type of glasses.

Drinking Champagne from a Champagne Flute

There’s been some controversy about if the champagne flute is the best for drinking champagne. Some say that the shape of the glass actually eliminates or attenuates the aroma of the whole drink. Because of this, some recommend drinking champagne out of a White Wine glass, which makes easier the perception of the aroma.

History of the Champagne Flute.

The first flutes were created in the 1700s, and they were preferred to drink sparkling wines. They used to have another shape; they were taller, thinner and conical. Because of preferences, this has changed to a curved inward design, which enhances the drinking as well.

This also helps with the nucleation of the glass that helps to retain the carbonation for longer periods of time. This improves the taste of the drink, because it slightly changes the texture of sparkling wines. Because of the narrowed top, also the aroma stays the longer. And we can’t forget to mention that everyone loves the bubbles going up from the bottom.

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Common uses.

The most common use for this type of glassware is, of course, drinking sparkling wines. Also, in places like Belgium, this glass is used to drink fruity beers like Lambic. The shape also helps the beer retain the shared features with sparkling wines, improving its overall taste.

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