Carbon-Negative Vodka

Air Company has developed a unique way to take Earth’s excess CO2 and transform it into carbon-negative alcohols and fuels. One of their flagship products is a carbon-negative vodka that has gained attention in the beverage industry for its sustainable approach.

The Technology

Air Company’s patented and proprietary AIRMADE™ Technology imitates the recipe of photosynthesis, using only renewable energy to convert CO2 into sustainable alcohols and fuels. The process produces only oxygen as a byproduct, making it an environmentally-friendly method of production.

The Vodka

Air Company’s carbon-negative vodka is made from water and ethanol which is derived from CO2 using their AIRMADE™ Technology. The vodka has a smooth, clean taste and is made in small batches to ensure quality. Air Company’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the production process – the packaging for vodka is also sustainable. The bottle is made from recycled glass, and the label is made from recycled paper.

The Mission

By producing carbon-negative vodka, Air Company is contributing to the fight against climate change. Traditional vodka production methods are energy-intensive and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Air Company’s approach is a more sustainable alternative. As more consumers become aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, Air Company’s carbon-negative vodka provides a way to enjoy a luxury product while also making a positive contribution to the planet.

The Impact

Air Company’s carbon-negative vodka is a sustainable alternative to traditional vodka production methods. By transforming Earth’s excess CO2 into a carbon-negative product, Air Company is making a positive impact on the environment. The vodka is made in small batches using sustainable materials, making it a luxury product that is also socially responsible. As the demand for sustainable products grows, Air Company’s carbon-negative vodka offers a unique and delicious option.

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Jason Masson

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