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Bottoms Up is the name of a company that provides bars, venues, clubs and homes with amazing beer-related products, like draw systems, dispensers and more. Even better, they are also the creators of amazing system Bottoms Up, which fills up special glasses of beer that are designed to be filled, you guessed it, from the bottom.

This system works with the power of magnets and a specialized dispenser. The bottoms of the glasses that are compatible with the dispenser are sealed using magnets. All you have to do is place them on top of the dispenser, and you’ll get a perfectly foamy beer!

What are the benefits of using Bottoms up?

This company provides its customer with many benefits, regardless of the installation, whether you have a bar or a home bar. You see, their systems are great to compliment any place with the right gear to pour a perfect beer. From dispensers to kegerators, and more Bottoms Up will help you get a perfect beer every time, and with zero waste.

Bottoms Up dispensers are amazingly effective, easy to use, and fast. That’s why you’ll improve your serving time at your venue, reduce the amount of waste and cleaning needed, and finally, embrace the systems efficiency overall.

Bottoms Up dispensers and their other products will not disappoint. Not only they sell these beauties, but they can install them for you, adapt them to your spaces, and show you how to keep them squeaky clean at all times. Check out their website if you want to pour a perfect beer every time!

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Jason Masson

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