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Common cocktails

  • Southern Exposure
  • Palomaesque
  • Bees Knees
  • Bitter Queen

The Classic Boston Cocktail Shaker.

If you like preparing your own cocktails, then you surely know the Boston Shaker. This is the most simply designed shaker out in the market. It’s a two-piece design shaker. Basically, it’s a huge thin metal tumbler that works as a bottom container, and in the top, there’s a smaller glass tumbler.

All you have to do is putting all the ingredients for a shaken cocktail in the metal tumbler, and insert the glass; after that, shake your way into a great Martini!

Is there any trick? Sure there is! You have to get some practice before you can use this tool! Otherwise, you’ll end up throwing the glasses away and spilling all the booze.

Enhance your shaking, shaking, shaking!

The Boston cocktail shaker is great and simple, add a Hawthorne strainer and you have a complex and complete tool. Here you have some tips!

  • Once you have all the ingredients in the shaker, then you have to insert the glass part. Don’t insert it super-straight, instead, insert it leaned to one side, the one you think is more comfortable for you. This will help with the grip of the shaker, and also to create a better seal.
  • Put your thumb in the bottom of the glass side. This will help you to avoid the separation of the shaker while shaking. Don’t waste good booze!
  • Don’t shake too much, just the right amount of shaking! The thing with shaking is that you want the ice to chill the drink, so a couple of shakes will do the job. If you shake it too much, you’ll aerate the drink too much, and also might end up diluting the ice into the drink.
  • Have some trouble opening the seal? The trick here is to squeeze the metal shaker. This way you break the seal and is easier to release the glass shaker.
  • Pour your drinks through a strainer.

The Boston Cocktail shaker is one of the most used tools in cocktailing. Master this and you’ll be ready to prepare a lot of delicious cocktails. Cheers!

Common uses.

The Angostura Bitter has traveled a long way around the world just to be a part of a huge list of cocktails. And everyone loves them!

The most common ones are the Gunner, Lemon, Lime and bitters, Long Vodka, the Pisco Sour, the Fallen Angel and the Brandy Sour.

Some add it to soups and sauces in Venezuela, so it’s a great condiment too.

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