BarAdvisor For The Next

The next generation of legal drinkers will not find bars and nightclubs by wandering the streets.

They will not care for fake reviews.

They will not wait in lines to order or get in.

They will not pay with cash.

BarAdvisor 2.0 will be ready with everything they need.

baradvisor 2

Platform Upgrade

BarAdvisor is undergoing an upgrade to a Blockchain-based POW (pay for work) social network model. Bar owners will be able to use the power of blockchain to promote events and deals. Users will be rewarded for helping to keep BarAdvisor up to date with the latest deals, info, and promotions.

BarAdvisor Blockchain

BarAdvisors Blockchain upgrade is nothing like Bitcoin. 

BarAdvisors blockchain tech is not volatile. We will be using blockchain smart contract capabilities to link all areas in the nightlife space. 

Our blockchain tech is Top Secret at the moment, but we can tell you this will change nightlife forever for patrons, bars, artists, and brands. We have designed a win-all reward system called the BarAdvisor Carousel.


Using the power of a social network to validate the information and connect businesses with their local clients.


We have developed the most unique rewards system using the power of blockchain.

Listing page BarAdvisor


Location, Location, Location. The new platform will focus heavily on delivering localized content.

ALL In One

Find, order, pay! Provide businesses with an all-in-one solution from handling payments to booking artists.

B2B Network

To say the alcohol market is saturated would be an understatement. BarAdvisor has always been interested in connecting bars to smaller brands, artists, and other businesses within the nightlife space. The hardest thing for smaller brands and artists is to get noticed. With our Data AI and POW system, we have developed a straight-to-end user promotion system. They will be able to promote and sell without convincing a bartender to push their product.


Most frequent questions and answers

We have no launch date yet, but we have started the development. This is a huge project with lots of moving parts, follow our Twitter for all updates.

Due to Australia’s horrible legal and regulatory system with Crypto, it is very hard to run an ICO here. But we want to get the general public involved as we believe this will be great for our growth. We are planning to run an NFT membership.

We are building BarAdvisor to be easily interchangeable with the new Crypto Tech. As you know there is something new every hour at the moment. We building a layer 2 payment protocol layered on top of the Binance chain at the moment. But due to the high transaction rate, we might even work with Bitcoin lighting or move to our own layer 1 Blockchain. We will be pegged to USD.

Easy, just go to BarAdvisor.com and add your listing for free. We will import all your data to the new platform when it is ready. 

No, we are not like other Crypto Currencies(bitcoin).

BarAdvisor will use several different smart contract variations. All smart contract crypto will be fixed to local currency. BarAdvisors stable coin will be fixed to USD.

Yes, for businesses and users. To use BarAdvisor search, you do not even need to sign up. To gain rewards and have more personalized information, you will need to sign up.
Businesses will have FREE access to all BarAdvisor has to offer like QR menus, ordering, events, venue promotion, and more.

Sort of, we hate review sites, but googles algorithm likes them, so we have to have them. With the new BarAdvisor platform, we will be rewarding good reviews more than negative ones. We are also working on an AI mediator that can find and remove fake reviews.

Yes, BarAdvisor is looking for investors right now. Please have a look at our investment resources page to have access to all the information about our funding round.

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BarAdvisor STO EOI

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in investing in BarAdvisor, please let us know using this form. When we launch our STO round BarAdvisor will run a pre-sale using contacts from this form.

This contact form will only be used to contact you when we launch the BarAdvisor STO.

If you are interested in the SEED funding Round ($500K+), please contact us directly. Contact Us