Common cocktails

  • Mudslide
  • Daiquiri
  • Frozen Margarita
  • Pina Colada

Blender, the magic tool for Cocktailing smoothness.

Do you want smoother cocktails? All you need is a blender, fresh fruit and lots of ice!

What’s the key? The Blender, of course. This is the magic tool for smoothness in a lot of preparations, including soups, creams, jams, and of course, cocktails.

There are several types of blenders, being the best for cocktailing one with a stainless steel container and with measurementmarks. Pulse blending is a plus, just as low noise. Because no one wants to be partying to the sound of a blender, right?

There’s also the immersion blender or mixer, which is quite versatile too. But nothing beats the old countertop design!

You can use this tool to make milkshakes, smoothies, frappuccinos, frozen cocktails, purées and even crushed ice.

Blending in with history.

The first blending machine was developed by Stephen J. Poplawski, owner of Stevens Electric Company, in 1919. He patented this invention in 1920. After that, the industry grew, and there were a lot of variations for this machine. There were several designs and improvements in this machine, along with a lot of new accessories for it. 

Also, the versatility increased with the popularization of smoothies and frappuccinos, which helped the introduction of new models with noise reduction features. Thank god!

Common uses.

You can create a lot of great drinks with a blender! The most famous blended cocktails include Piña Colada, Grasshopper, frozen Daiquiris and the Mudslide.

Want some tips? Right away!

  • Add your ingredients in the right order: first add the soft solids like fruits, then fluids, and then ice. This will achieve better consistency.
  • Start slowly: you should always start at a slow speed and then increase the speed to the highest. This will get everything correctly blended.
  • Chill your liquids: you should chill all the liquids you’re going to use, including juice, water, and even spirits. This will make your drink stay cooler for longer periods of time.
  • Chill the glass: you should chill your glasses as well, this will also keep drinks cool for longer periods. Some even chill the blender’s container!
  • Stay fresh: don’t use pre-made cocktails mix. These suck! Use fresh fruit, fresh natural juice, and other quality ingredients. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be getting a quality cocktail.

Doesn’t all these tips make sense? Try them and improve your cocktailing skills!

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