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Whiskey is a widely popular beverage all around the world, whiskey is even better in a good looking tumbler. So, are you wondering which glasses to buy?

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Why is whiskey glass important?

Whiskey is a widely popular beverage all around the world, whiskey is even better in a good looking tumbler. Right glass adds sophistication, class, and character to your home bar or office.

Whiskey is a drink enjoyed from gorgeous crystal glasses, it might be a bit tricky to pick the best ones though so we are here to help. In other words, here is a list in our opinion of best whiskey glasses.

What does word "Whiskey" mean?

Whiskey comes from a Gaelic word meaning water. The phrase uisce beatha, meaning “water of life“, was the name for distilled alcohol given by Irish monks. Therefore, whiskey means water of life.

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1. Everest Whiskey Glasses

Everest whiskey glass is our absolute favorite, it is bold and inspiring with the highest point on earth (Mount Everest) grafted into the glass. It’s the perfect choice to celebrate your success or to be inspired to achieve your goals.

I our opinion this is the best whiskey glass.

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2. Venero Crystal Twist Design Whiskey Glasses

This whiskey tumbler is a classic with a modern “twist” in the bottom. Furthermore, it looks classy and comes in a set of 4 if you are looking to getting it for a present.

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3. Viski Admiral Crystal Tumblers

Made from lead-free crystal, this glass is sleek, sophisticated yet modern. Also, It makes a great gift or would add class to any home bar.

Classic glasses.

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4. Van Daemon Unique Whiskey Glasses

Van Daemon whiskey glass blends old design with the modern world. It looks extremely fancy and comes in a gorgeous black box what makes it a great gift.

We are not the biggest fans of these glasses.

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In conclusion, when picking the best whiskey glass for yourself. Keep in mind your style and preference. In other words, please remember that you are the one drinking from it.

Plus make sure it is Classy AF Cheers!

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Jason Masson

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