Best Rooftop Bars In London

Best Rooftop Bars In London

Yes, many of these bars provide space for enjoying during long English winter, but outdoor drinking during summer is an ultimate pleasure. Discover most attractive rooftop bars and patios and drink your beverage in the great company while enjoying traditional British hospitality.

Prince of Wales

1. Prince of Wales

Except in Buckingham Palace, you can find the Prince of Wales in Brixton as well. This multistorey pub-meets club is a top-notch place with excellent DJs, live music, and a huge Rum Shack. Find your seat somewhere on a magnificent two-tier terrace and hop to beats. Where would you rather dance than at the ‘top of the world’ while overlooking the capital city of Britain? Don’t miss this beautiful place.

Golden Bee

2. Golden Bee

Golden Bee is buzzing around Shoreditch! I am kidding, of course. It is a remarkable roof bar where you can feel a spirit of Ibiza while sitting on rattan furniture and listening to first-rate DJs playing classics hits. Over and above, they offer excellent beer, decent selection of wines, happy-hour cocktails every single day, familiar spirits, and film screenings on Monday nights. Grab a blanket, a glass of Mojitos or Margaritas, and a bowl with popcorn. And enjoy!

Queen of

3. Queen of Hoxton

The covered rooftop space of Queen of Hoxton matches the seasons while its downstairs part is a top spot for nocturnal drinking. Come to this bar on the weekends when DJs playing disco and house or spend quite film night, enjoy theater play and taste fantastic food during the week. A ground floor is an event for itself with all those graffiti, window etchings, and a large bar offering tasty cocktails, excellent selection of wines, and beer on tap.


4. The Rooftop St James

You can see why it made the list of the best rooftop bars in London with that one photo. Named after the battle, Trafalgar Square has a well-kept secret. The Rooftop St James is a dandy-looking hotel roof bar with an excellent view and be-suited crowd. Thanks to its retractable roof, you can come here to enjoy your tipple in any time surrounded with dominant royal blue and magnificent marble. Be prepared for sky-high prices, but you should afford to visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

radio rooftop

5. Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop is elegant and probably the hottest roof bar in London thanks to a spectacular view of the city’s skyline and astonishing, stylish, and luxurious cocktails. This place is blessed with a terrace cocktail bar on the 10th floor of the ME hotel. Come here to drink your beverage and try the bite inspired by the Mediterranean while taking a look at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.

Bar Elba

6. Bar Elba

Bar Elba is not an island and has nothing with Napoleon, but this bar spreads that friendly spirit the French Emperor loved so much. Located in Waterloo, it is some kind of English response to that Mediterranean paradise. Grab an excellent cocktail such as the Midnight Flower made of gin, lavender syrup, fresh lemon and pineapple, and (believe me or not) salt. They provide a possibility to order a revolutionary beef burger from Dip & Flip.


7. Omeara Terrace

Omeara Terrace, hidden in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral, this amazing live music venue. Come here to enjoy great live music and drink tequila year-round! Mexico cantinas have three strict rules. They are forbidden for women, uniforms, and dogs. Fortunately, things are quite the opposite here. Try their smoky blend with original Cojones. Plus, connoisseurs claim that their Margarita is the best in London. Let’s check!


8. Bussey Rooftop Bar

When you visit London for the first time, don’t miss coming to Peckham and enjoy your beverage at Bussey Rooftop Bar perched on Rye Lane. Every next time, you won’t be able to resist returning to this charming rooftop film club. Since they often organize summer parties, be prepared for a magic tropical vibe with unobstructed views of the London skyline. Expect a small place with sluggish service, but their Melancholy cocktail is worth the wait.

Culpeper Roof Garden

9. Culpeper Roof Garden

Culpeper Roof Garden is a charming part urban garden in Whitechapel. They offer you to drink your cocktail with herbs from the neighborhood while enjoying an unusual combination of modern and rustic style. Come to this fourth-floor terrace and enjoy yummy sunset snacks and taste lemon-thyme ambrosia. They prepare delicious meat and Merguez sausages in a wood-fired grill barbecue with always fresh veggies which grow around. Oh, yes! Be prepared for wind. Sometimes it blows in the ‘entirely wrong direction’, and it can be a pretty smoky experience.


10. Frank's Café

Bold tendencies is the unique art space that provide franks with the opportunity do be one of the best rooftop bars in London. Located in Peckham on a multistorey car park, Frank’s Cafe is a classic London rooftop bar with a cult status thanks to the fact that they have been serving Campari-based cocktails for years. If you add almost perfect meals they serve and the breathtaking view of the city, you know that you are precisely in the place where you want to be at the moment. Keep in mind that they are open until late September and don’t serve during the winter period.

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