Best Rooftop Bars Adelaide

Adelaide is an amazing city, surrounded by beautiful parks and wildlife. There are 100’s of amazing bars all around the city, most with outside areas to enjoy that South Australian sunshine.

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Best Rooftop Bars Adelaide

There are hundreds of classic and vintage bars in Adelaide with grand balconies, but this list is for the rooftop bars in Adelaide, some located indoors and others outdoors.

1. 2KW Bar

Not your normal pub! 2KW is a classy and trendy spot to be on a Sunday afternoon. Their food is absolutely amazing and the views are best in Adelaide- overlooking the Parliament Of South Australia, the Torrens and Adelaide Oval.

2KW can be a bit for an older crowd, but for networking in Adelaide it can be a great spot.

2. Cathedral Hotel

Not in the party area of the city, but still a great spot to go before or after the game. The Cathedral is a grand Victorian hotel, right next to the most beautiful cathedral in Adelaide- St. Peters Cathedral.

Their rooftop is not open every day of the week, but when it is this indoor/outdoor area has great decor and just generally a great layout and good views.

3. Hennessy Rooftop

If you are wearing a fancy suit or a cocktail dress this is the place to go in Adelaide for a cocktail. This is “Classy AF”. Sorry for the language, but the Hennessy Rooftop is just amazing. At the top of the lovely Mayfair Hotel you will find this unique bar that is not like any other in Australia.

The rooftop has an inside/outside area. Out of two outside areas our favorite is the ledge. You can sit at a bar that overlooks the edge of the building.

4. The Gallery

Not the highest rooftop in Adelaide, but this is a great, friendly, well-priced rooftop in Adelaide. The rooftop bar has a great menu and a large undercover area so you can go there in any weather. The Gallery is not just a great rooftop bar, there is an art gallery and function center.

There are 3 levels and every area of this venue is perfectly laid out. Hip, trendy with great cocktails and great food The Gallery is a great spot on Friday after work.

5. Rocket Rooftop

The fun rooftop of Adelaide. If you want to party until late that’s your spot. Cool cocktails, cheap beers and just a great atmosphere. Rocket Bar is a great all-rounder. This is a bit more for a younger crowd which makes it more lively.

Rocket bar has DJ’s and it’s open to early hours in the morning so if you want a rooftop bar that is more casual and you can dance like a crazy person head over.

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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