Best Nightclubs in Perth

Best Nightclubs in Perth

Perth is a city with large selection of nightclubs. Four block area of Northbridge is the central with twenty nightclubs, hundred restaurants, and ten pubs. So finding the best nightclub in Perth can be a bit tricky. You usually have to pay a fee to enter and drink prices are a little higher than in pubs, but generally, everyone should be able to find a spot they like.

Best Nightclubs in Perth

The Library was opened in 1983 and has been an iconic Perth’s nightspot for years. Soon it will be re-developed into a block of flats. That means that you don’t have too much time to enjoy this legendary club with more than 10,000 books and a world-class sound system.

Geisha Bar  in the heart of Northbridge is probably the most decadent and exclusive nightclub in the city. Their tiny dance floor is always overly busy, ambiance is intimate, and space is decorated with lots of leather and timber. They are serious about their music. Expect cool music- touring DJs, and great local talents. Sit on one of the bus seats or dance and enjoy the night!

Air nightclub is an elegant spot with a big dance floor and two bars with stylish seating booths. A big plus is a beautiful side patio which attracts both locals and tourists alike. Despite the reputation of an upmarket club this venue offers drinks at acceptable prices and a friendly atmosphere. 

Jack Rabbit Slim’s combines top live music, a late-night diner, an excellent bar and a retro arcade games room. Become part of a happy crowd and drag yourself to the dance floor. When you need a rest, find a sofa upstairs and try a top class tequila. DJ starts after the band finishes what’s around midnight.

Welcome to Eve Nightclub, a fantastic venue located at the casino. Discover all the beauty of the old R’n’B school, commercial as well as techno sounds throughout the night. They are opened from Friday to Sunday from 9pm until late. Plus you can enter for free before 10 pm excluding special events.

Connections nightclub located in Northbridge is a top LGBT-friendly spot with a friendly atmosphere, fabulous drinks, and well-known awesome theme parties. They host famous DJs on a weekly basis, organize special activities on Friday nights and ‘mud wrestling’ on Wednesdays. Come and listen to excellent music, dance and enjoy the beautiful city view from an outdoor terrace.

Amplifier and Capitol are two places with entirely different concept. The Amplifier is a beer garden with an excellent selection of beverages. After pre-drinks head to Capitol, probably the biggest nightclub in Perth. The ‘Caps’ is a favorite venue for hipsters on weekends, but they also organize old retro music parties on Fridays and host live band performances.

From 27 September 1904 to 1991, it was known as King’s Theatre. Nowadays, the Metropolis is famous Perth’s nightclub. It is a giant nightclub with two dance floors, four areas, and an impressive number of eight bars. For the house and techno lovers, they organize themed events on Fridays , but they also host festivals with various music genres. Even though it is more of a live music venue it’s still a great place to dance that’s why it’s on the list of best nightclubs in Perth.

People love their ‘Club Retro’ on Friday nights. Enjoy all the hits from the 80s as well as the ‘Poplife nights’ when DJs play Top 40 songs every Saturday. Be prepared for a long wait after 22:30 because their policy is not to overcrowd the space.


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