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Best Nightclubs in New York City

The best nightclubs in New York City are over spread over miles and go from small spaces to huge venues.

Manhattan used to be a perfect place for all mega dance clubs in the past, but in recent years the night scene has moved to Brooklyn.

Wherever you decided to go, groove the night away and spend the unforgettable evening together with celebrity royalty.

For those who look for an over-the-top space for a memorable dance party in New York, should go to Brooklyn and find the nightclub House of Yes. This weird place offers a better experience than you could imagine. Expect loud beats there, mixed with circus performers, fashionably dressed women dancing next to guys in flannel, and scantily clad men. They fuse theatre, dance culture, community, excellent music, and delicious food. If you are dedicated to celebrating life and genuinely feel that ‘weird is fantastic’, just come. You belong here.

Marquee came back after a complete overhaul in 2012. Today, it is mainly one massive room with a VIP area on the balcony . You can expect international electronic DJs there on a weekly basis. Their dedication to all ‘nightlife’ things is absolutely astonishing. After paying the cover, go to the dance floor and mix up with entertaining out-of-towners and adorable New Yorkers. Entrance to the most popular nightclub in Chelsea District request reservations, or you can find yourself wasting time in line while people enjoy a great deal of fun inside.

Schimanski club makes the best nightclubs in New York City list, with really great music and excellent drinks. This beautiful space is a part of the industrial stretch of Williamsburg in Brooklyn with a capacity of only 750. There are a large dance floor and an intimate side room. Honestly, you don’t need out of anything more than that for a good time.

If there is too-often overlooked space in New York, it’s definitely a Bulgarian club Mehanata. It’s actually some kind of home to a band of traveling Gypsies. If you go there with friends, there is a possibility that they will accuse you of smuggling them to Eastern Europe! But, no! This place is situated on the Lower East Side and offers a night unlike any you have ever felt. Facing a trippy Gypsy punk literally means spending the best time in your life in the heart of the Big Apple.

Lavo Nightclub with the Ibiza-style club in New York City with its trendsetting nightlife standards and the cutting-edge dance floor is a mainstay of NYC’s club scene. Famous DJs mash up house and hip-hop, creating extremely over-the-top atmosphere. This nightclub is all energy, but also one of the priciest on the list. If you have a plan to drink, be prepared to walk out the club with an empty wallet. If you want to eat there, they are open during the week, but you need to make a reservation up to one month in advance.

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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