Best Nightclubs in New Orleans

Best Nightclubs in New Orleans

New Orleans is world-renowned as a legendary musical place. It is the city of Jazz. Actually, Jazz was invented here! This town prides itself on offering live, local jazz, rap, and funk acts.

But in this world center of Jazz you can find places with DJs, grinding on the dance floor, and all night long ‘pumping and bumping’. Their dance club scene is excellent.

This list has no order. Whatever nightclub you choose, you won’t be wrong. All spots this town offers will jump start your nights.

foundation room

1. Foundation Room

Have you already discovered an excellent place at House of Blues with a nightly live performance of the hottest DJs and local blues artists which will leave you breathless? In a truly unique setting, Foundation Room in French Quarter of New Orleans offers a unique experience for its guests. But, you need to be a member to even get in their door. It’s very specific dance & nightclub where you can get a mouth-watering hand-crafted cocktail in the lounge and good music all around.

Cats Meow

2. Cat's Meow

The famous Cat’s Meow is one of the most excellent nightclubs in Bourbon Street known for its karaoke scene which is actually ridiculously good. You can expect ‘all night’ variety of activities in this loud and utterly packed place until the wee hours of every single morning. Don’t miss their lovely 3-for-1 drink specials during ‘happy hour’ and don’t be shy! Go to the main stage, sing your best-loved karaoke song, and dance all night with the best friends. The best DJs are waiting for you!

The Maison

3. The Maison

The extraordinary Maison is three in one – a restaurant, live music venue, and bar on Frenchmen Street. With three stages, they offer live music every day during a week. They feature nightly music from popular local brass, funk, and jazz bands in the front stage. In the other side, at the backstage, they host nationally touring bands. Come here, grab one of the excellent cocktails and listen to the best music in town!

The Dungeon Club

4. The Dungeon Club

The Dungeon Club, also well-known as Ye Olde Original Dungeon, has everything you need for the memorable night out including top dance club, the best DJs, patio and outdoor seating. If you go upstairs, there is a bar with tables inside of ‘prison cells’ and an impressive dance floor. It starts working at midnight, and you deserve to try their Friday mornings which ends about 4 AM. Plus, you can get three mixed drinks there for the price of one.

The Metropolitan

5. The Metropolitan

Don’t miss the Warehouse District and top-notch The Metropolitan nightclub there on Saturday nights. You can meet quintessential DJs and dance while basses pound all night long and choose between the top rock and hip-hop bends in one room, and the house and techno masters in the other. They offer overall atmosphere with strobe lights, smoke machines, and bar stations. It is a space where you surely can get the full nightclub feeling!

Blue Nile

6. Blue Nile

Be sure that ordinary tourists adore Bourbon Street. Don’t be one of them and try to discover Frenchmen Street. There are places such as nightclub Blue Nile where you can experience a real night out in New Orleans. It’s housed in one of the city’s oldest buildings with the gold and blue interior. They organize features entertainment on two different floors including a balcony. Come upstairs to it and enjoy amazing looks out over the old-fashioned street with the beverage in your hand.

Republic NOLA club

7. Republic

If you’re looking for an ultimate dance club in Warehouse District, you should look for Republic. The music here varies, and they have all including fist-pumping DJs, local brass, and booty-shaking bounce rap. Many celebrities and locals are attracted by their events venue with deep crimson tones and elegant cabaret-style music for all musical tastes. Explore this extraordinary place with wooden beams, exposed brick, crystal chandeliers, and murals. This place is worth a visit.

Masquerade Nightclub 3

8. Masquerade

This marvelous hot gathering spot is located in the center of Harrah’s New Orleans. According to the Nightclub & Bar Magazine’s list of the top 100 nightclubs, this club is on the 27 place! Come with your friends for booze at the Ice bar and dance to the beat of breathtaking DJ’s. Or pick out their exclusive ultra VIP lounge which is hidden from the extravagance of the rest of the club and enjoy the night.


9. Bourbon Heat

Welcome one of the best dance clubs in New Orleans where the most locals come to spend the exciting night out. You can expect the best DJs, top high-tech laser shows, and attentive VIP bottle service. If you are asking for the memorable party, go upstairs to the vast dance floor, pick up the drink from a large bar, and enjoy a DJ spinning the latest house, hip-hop, and pop music.

Goldmine Saloon

10. Goldmine Saloon

The Gold Mine Saloon is a family business located in the heart of the French Quarter which has been existed in New Orleans since 1983. It’s traditionally a favorite space with great drink prices and late night dancing for both tourists and locals. Situated close enough to Bourbon Street, this place draws crowds for ‘flaming Dr. Pepper shots’ they have invented and good dance music. Be prepared for the night with ‘killer’ DJs, retro 80’s arcade machines, and dancing pool.

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