Best Nightclubs in Nashville

Best Nightclubs in Nashville

This city is well-known for an excellent selection of nightclubs, live music, and swoon-worthy tunes.

You just need to define what type of music you prefer and to find a right place to have a good night out across the city. offering a great drink. 

The Back Corner

1. The Back Corner

The Back Corner is a late-night hangout venue with an eye-catching, eclectic, and entirely fresh atmosphere. A diamond-shaped bar and the dance floor are placed in the center of the club. Between dancing, you can sit in the lounge on the upper level which overlooks the stage. Enjoy your drinks and a small food menu among a floating central sculpture and murals. Come here and spend a long night while DJ spins or some band play live music.


2. The Basement East

With a capacity of 400, the Basement East is roughly four times bigger than the first Basement. All the differences end there. The new venue has also had a fully stocked bar, top-notch sound, and a full concert calendar. They host the best local and surprisingly good touring musicians who play country, pop, and rock music as well as international DJs. For special events, there is the main dance hall where you can dance as a part of the happy crowd.

The 5 Spot 1

3. The 5 Spot

The 5 Spot is famous in East Nashville as the only live music venue in the neighborhood. While enjoying great tunes, you can try any of the main liquors or different beers they serve. The place is decorated like a school band’s practice garage without any fresh airs inside. The main event is the Monday night dance party (awarded by GQ Magazine as the ‘Most stylish party in the US’) when amazing DJs spin the old hits.


4. Ibiza Nightclub

Any nightclub named Ibiza needs to make it in the list for best nightclubs in Nashville. Ibiza Nightclub is a large salsa club in Brentioch. It was opened in October 2004, and since then many patrons have discovered this place where Latin music is everything. Come and spend all night long dancing merengue or salsa. Plus, they host renowned DJs and present over fifty-five concerts over the years. After ten years in business, they decide to start to organize an LGBT oriented night every Thursday. It is a big step for a popular Latino straight club.

Play Dance Bar gallery2

5. Play Nashville

Come and feel welcome in the Play Dance Bar as everyone else does. This club has four trendy decorated sections where provides their famous drag shows or bachelorette parties for a crowd every single night. Ask their kind and friendly staff for the best cocktails or some beer and let the celebration starts. Basically, this is a gay bar, but it attracts both straights and gays because there is no way to spend a boring time here. No matter who you are this is one of the best nightclubs in Nashville.


6. Wildhorse Saloon

Imagine the ceiling full of horses, bar with great drinks, the top-notch sound, and the opportunity to dance all night long in the most incredible place in the world. Come to Wildhorse Saloon located in a historic warehouse with the largest dance floor in Tennessee. This club features three levels extending to 66,000 square feet and includes a restaurant, a concert stage, and a billiards room. They even offer free line dance lessons!

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