Best Nightclubs in Melbourne, Australia

Best Nightclubs in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne apparently loves to party, with a bunch of late-night destinations for every occasion. You can find nightclubs with international DJ’s and huge dance floors, as well as some secret underground haunts. Are you ready to hit the town with the pick of Melbourne’s best nightclubs? Don’t forget that, like most city’s clubs they change very often and very quickly. So, keep track of your favorites on popular social media.

Best Nightclubs in Melbourne, Australia

The Emerson is a place of endless day or night possibilities. It’s unique multilevel venue which offers the perfect combination of contemporary style and elegance. This place represents an excellent combination of cocktail bar & lounge, spanning club, and rooftop. You can enjoy a la carte menu and VIP service, drink your favorite booze, and play under one roof. Designed for ultimate enjoyment with large dance floor and spectacular lights, this nightclub will bring you the sounds of various local and international DJ’s.

2. Therapy Nightclub

The Therapy Nightclub is one of only three rocking nightclubs on Crown Melbourne with a sprawling dance floor, two separate bars, and squashy couches for time-out sessions. There you can expect a big crowd and famous DJ’s who spin the hottest RnB tracks. This space is full of excitement for the night out including an excellent sound system and the art lighting which can blow you away. Try cocktails, have a breather from the dancing and feel yourself VIP as soon as you walk into.

The Secret Garden nightclub in the heart of Fitzroy Street has tucked away from the noise and all city hustle. It offers day-beds garden where you can escape from the everyday life and relax with an appetizing cocktail in your hand. Sit back and let them create an unforgettable night for your date or your gathering with buddies. The great thing is that you can choose between a private space for intimate experience and the timber-decking outdoor area for a party.

Believe or not, Pawn & Co is the first bar in the universe which is a 1920s-themed bar-nightclub and a pawn shop at the same time! Yep, everything is for sale here except the staff. This club with a pretty confusing concept is located in Greville Street, Prahran with all these vintage armchairs and old books on the walls. After you finish your top-notch cocktail, you can buy everything including your seat! From time to time they organize special nights when visitors can try to sell their own stuff.

Melbourne’s famous cozy nightclub OneSixOne has existed for 18 years on High Street in Prahran. It is relatively small night venue designed to provide an attractive, beautiful, and comfortable space for people who want to mingle, dance, socialize while are listening to excellent music. You can count on professional and friendly hospitality here and enjoy all-out club environment including an original ’70s-lit dance floor or lounge areas where you can drink cocktails with your friends. Don’t miss!

Welcome to La Di Da, a nightclub and a CBD bar for all occasions. They offer lunch & dinner in the beer garden, a vast selection of after-work cocktails and quality wines. It is a mixture of a cafe, dance floor session, and a restaurant during the day. At night this space is one of Melbourne’s best underground venues. The entertainment includes Friday’s comedy night and the Pony Saturdays with a soundtrack of techno, and house, depending on the room you choose for partying.

The nightclub Glamorama has something for all of you including spacious bar, comfortable tables, dark corners, secret nooks in a courtyard, and sprawling booths. It is a perfect space for late night food until 3:00 AM no matter if you prefer vegetarian, vegan, or meat taste. They are specialized in drinks and guarantee booze you desire, whether it’s a hard-earned thirst, a cold beer, or a quality drop of a stiff drink. Their sound system is excellent and music rocks. But, it is the people who make this place a fantastic night out. Come and check out!

There is no place like Chaise Lounge RNB & Hip Hop Nightclub! It is the Melbourne’s premier underground nightclub located on Queen Street with excellent RnB and hip-hop music for connoisseurs who pay respects to the classics. This prodigious basement nightclub brings a mix of new-school tunes and classic and guarantee frisky nightlife every Friday and Saturday night. Prepare yourselves for a hard-to-beat drink and a friendly crowd you can split the night with.

9. 29th Apartment Nightclub

The 29th apartment is a slice of NYC in Melbourne. It is a casual art gallery, and a bar based on the Andy Warhol’s cultural movement, where you can expect abstract oil paintings across all walls. Come and enjoy in the charming bedroom with a colored fish tank and a bookcase with Katishe’s literary inspiration. She was an artist who settled the original apartment and a street painter which paintings tell all dramatic stories from the streets of New York. Come into the lounge room inspired by the artwork and filled with sweet music, beverages, and good food.


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