Best Nightclubs in Adelaide

Best Nightclubs in Adelaide

The City of Churches is also the city of nightclubs. The Best Nightclubs in Adelaide are all within walking distance of each other. Hindley street is where all the party goes end up at some sage of the night. Regardless of whether a hard working week is behind you or you have just arrived in the city, you will easily find a nightclub to let lose. Adelaide becomes an odd place after the sun goes down, all the crazies come out. But if you just want to go dance we have some places for you below.

Zhivago 2

1. Zhivago

When you are looking for an excellent dance floor, the dimly-lit basement Zhivago nightclub is definitely worth checking out. Drink your cocktails such as a Margarita, Cement Mixer, or fresh fruit Mojitos in one of the many lounges or a huge central bar. Or just go dancing. They have a fantastic dance floor space and top-notch energetic vibe. To avoid the line-up, get here before 10 pm and enjoy old-school hip-hop all night long.

hq complex adelaide nightclub

2. HQ

Some people believe that HQ in Hindley Street is the only right place to get messy on the weekend. This vast place is the heart of the thriving shit club scene in this charming city. Plus, there is a restaurant, a well-stocked bar, a cafe, and upstairs is a nightclub. Believe or not, up to 2000 fans can fit here. Come and meet the friendly and helpful staff, eat excellent food, and dance all night long. It is the perfect place for all of that!


3. The Woolshed

If you want to feel an Australian legend and love nothing more than dancing at the same time, come to Woolshed and have an unforgettable night. This is a rusty decorated nightclub full of some farm equipment where the crowd is happy. Unpretentious DJ makes the unexpecting mix of garden-variety electro. Go upstairs when the music starts pumping or come on the ground floor where the classics rock. The basement is reserved for teenyboppers who take a photo to make everyone know they were here.

sugar nightclub 2

4. Sugar

Sugar is open almost every night, but at Friday and Saturday nights, there is something for everyone. You can explore large lounges, lots of booths, and five pool tables for free before 10 pm. After all, go to the dance floor and wait for the dawn full of energy. Great international and some of Australia’s best DJs will make every night unique and memorable. Focused on dance, this nightclub frequently hosts live music. Come and enjoy.

London Tavern dj

5. The London Tavern

This place is a multifaceted hotel, a nightclub, a restaurant, and a gaming room in one. The London Tavern is open from Monday to Sunday, but Friday and Saturday nights make this place unique with top-notch DJs, great drink specials, and unforgettable atmosphere. It is not a spot where you go to meet people or to have a nice chat. You come here to enjoy a cheap drink in one of the best Adelaide’s beers barns.

Marys Poppin

6. Mary's Poppin

Furnished with luxurious European décor and three shining crystal chandeliers, the nightclub Mary’s Poppin offers a truly unique atmosphere. If you add a grand internal balcony, electrifying drag shows, and great drinks, you have an idea of how the perfect place for the lounge vibe should look like. This eccentric jewel of Adelaide’s gay bar scene located in the East End organizes drag show performances every weekend and serves excellent cocktails. Come and dance with popular pop hits.


7. Distill

Distill is an unusual cocktail bar and excellent nightclub on Rundle Street with fantastic wine and cocktail list. It is split over two levels. Upstairs is a hot mess of dancing with a mix of R&B and modern house music. If you like ambient music and an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, go downstairs and enjoy in lounges. And let me not forget the best part. Just imagine a bed on the dance floor and late-night pillow fights. WOW!

rsq adelaide club

8. RSQ Red Square Bar

I adore this place made in a modern, contemporary style and spiced with the slight smell of violence. Red Square in the heart of West End is the place with the best night-time entertainment venue in the city. They host some of the best Australia’s and the world’s top-notch DJs in one of two rooms. Come and enjoy excellent R&B or electro house and burn the dance floor in this ‘outside the square’ spot.


9. Rocket Bar & Rooftop

Unpretentious Rocket Bar above Hindley Street is a real paradise for those who prefer the crowd packed out at the raised dance floor. Be the center of attention and spend time dancing while live bands and interstate DJs play great music. Or pick out one of many places for seating and take a rest. If you go upstairs, you can enjoy a view across the city from the large rooftop cocktail garden while drinking your favorite cocktail or beverage you like.

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