Best Hotel Bars Adelaide

Best Hotel Bars in Adelaide

If you’re at Adelaide or are planning to come and need a place to stay with a cool hotel bar, you came to the right place. Find here the most exciting, enticing, classy, and elegant hotel bars you can. Make your stay as interesting as possible. with a few drinks and delicious meals  Let’s get started!

1. Treasury 1860 - Adina

Luxury, elegance, and classiness are all a part of what could describe the Treasury 1860 hotel bar. Whenever you visit it, you’ll find a contemporary vibe that suits just about everyone, with a slight twist of class and fresh air. This bar is the perfect addition to the list with outstanding outdoor areas for you to enjoy. Delicious and surprisingly fresh can describe both their meals menu and drinks menu, so you’ll never get enough of them since they’re constantly evolving. The only thing that’s recurrent at this bar is a great service. Highly recommended for big groups (with a reservation, of course!).

2. Hennessy Rooftop Bar - Mayfair Hotel

The often described as sophisticated and chic Hennessy rooftop bar is certainly much more than that. Located at the very top of the Mayfair hotel, which is also a celebration of modern architecture, this rooftop bar offers one of the most exciting and innovative views on cocktails and premium drinks. That, paired with their delicious menu and the magic view of Adelaide, turn this classy bar into a whole new experience of drinking. Their service is outstanding and could be called perfect, at least for us. However, this place is not for everyone since prices are as high as the rooftop itself. Highly recommended!

3. The Atrium Lounge - Intercontinental

For the city bar experience, we highly recommend the Atrium Lounge, at the Intercontinental. This place offers a chic and city-like approach to the drinking experience, with their delicious yet simple cocktails, and their world-class live music. The environment is relaxed, with a twist of elegance and whiskey that will surely suit connoisseurs. Their tapas are outstanding as well and you just can’t miss ordering them more than once. The cocktail list and other spirits on their menu can also satisfy you while adding an adventurous feeling to the night.

4. First - Hotel Richmond

Class and elegance are a great part of the bar First, at the Hotel Richmond. At this beautiful venue, you’ll find not only a comfortable spot for drinks but a quiet place that sets the mood for deep conversations while sharing a drink with your beloved ones and entrusted friends. For the drinks, national/local wines are preferred, with a huge list of more than 25 to pick from. However, good ol’ cocktails are also a part of the deal, along with a highly recommended a la carte menu that will always surprise you. This hotel bar is recommended for big groups.

5. Salt Bar and Lounge - Pullman

The night is young, and so is the Salt Bar at the Pullman hotel. For heightened sense and a chill yet smart vibe, this bar offers the most enticing experience. After hitting the Salt Restaurant, this is the best place to go and have post-dinner drinks. This can be the start of a great nightclubbing, or of a romantic and casual date for two. Another great thing about this place is that they are available all day long, even for daytime dining, and on time to day-drinking for celebrations and much more. However, their drinks menu is not the most surprising one of the list.

6. SQ Restaurant and Lounge - Mantra Hotel

It’s amazing to find this type of luxury hotel around the suburbs area. The top-notch addition to the list is definitely the food. There are amazing plates at this venue, and it’s not surprising since the luxury starts just by looking at the building. The tapas can also surprise you, especially if they tag along with their delicious beer list. Their Champions Sports Bar offers a great service, so make a reservation with your mates to hit this place on game night!

7. The Collins Bar - Hilton Adelaide

With a more stylish and contemporary approach, the Collins Bar at the Hilton in Adelaide offers one of the most adventurous experiences on the list. Why? Because of their versions of classic drinks, which you can also order in their classic presentations, and their unexpectedly wholesome spirit menu. This place is very recommended for dates and more alike just because of the mood they set with the decor. The simple yet solid food, tapas, and cocktails they offer will certainly keep the night interesting. The Collins can be the start of a never-ending night of new, unexpected experiences. Are you in?

8. Barketta - Peppers Waymouth Hotel

After the complete and luxurious experience offered at the Peppers Waymouth Hotel, finding your way to the bar is the cherry on top. At this cozy and private bar, you’ll find at least 30% of the reasons to stay at this hotel! They have an Australian, more specifically, South Australian centered menu regarding drinks and meals. Their wine list deserves a standing ovation, and surely, you’ll feel relaxed and at home by just sitting to enjoy the venue.

9. Sebastyan's Bar - Grand Chancellor Hotel

For a chic, fully relaxing, and casual experience, we recommend Sebastyan’s Hotel Bar, at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. Now, this place is the definition of comfortable. With their soft and cozy seats and a couple of IPA’s from their respectable beer/ale list, you’ll find plenty of excuses to settle down for a while. Also, their red wine list is very complete and delicious in every way. If you’re into something more relaxing, which by the way goes more with the vibe of the bar, you can just ask for a coffee, just the way you like it.

10. Cocktail Lounge - Stamford Plaza Adelaide

To kick back and relax in the most casual way, the Cascade Cocktail lounge has what exactly what you need. At this casual bar with a very smart appeal, you’ll find not only masterly crafted cocktails but also a fine list of local refreshing beverages that will satisfy your needs at the time. This place is one of the best for crowded events and reservations, just because it offers a really good catering service and much more attention than you’ll actually need. And for a very comprehensive price!

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