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Great desserts in Adelaide

Everybody loves dessert. It finishes off a great meal. There are lots of great pub/bars that do desserts around South Australia. We have been lucky enough to try some of them and let you know five places that do awesome desserts around Adelaide.

1. Jack & Jills

Jack & Jills has couple of delicious desserts in the menu. We are obsessed with their sweet potato doughnut with sour cream ice cream, chocolate crumb, pistachio and Gumeracha honey. We can’t get enough of it.

Duke Of Brunswick
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2. The Duke of Brunswick

The Duke of Brunswick is fully gluten free pub. They got quite a decent dessert list. We love their gluten free citrus tart and bread &butter pudding. The fact they are gluten free makes them even tastier.

bar torino cocktail bar adelaide

3. Bar Torino

Bar Torino is a great bar in general- great location, perfect cocktails and snacks. Another thing we love about bar Torino. We are obsessed with their burnt vanilla cheescake. Great bar to pop in for a date night.

the strath

4. The Strathmore hotel

Strathmore hotel is newly renovated and has couple of different areas and menus. All the menus offer great dessert options. We love the apple & pecan crumble offered in the pub menu. It’s simple yet delicious and satisfying.

the belgian adelaide food

5. Belgian beer cafe

Belgian beer cafe is known for great beers. Another thing they do well are desserts. I mean who doesn’t love waffles and cakes. We are obsessed with their Belgian waffle. It comes with apple & blueberry compote and is absoulutely delicious.

Do you know any other awesome pub/bar desserts around Adelaide. Please let us know because we would love to try any dessert.

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Jason Masson

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