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There are millions of books (or more) so knowing the best is kind of impossible. Find our best cocktail recipe book here!

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If you love cocktails, you need a cocktail recipe book!

If you’re really into cocktails, and you love to make them (or try to) then you probably need a cocktail bible to follow. There are many cocktail recipe books out there; however, not all of them are good enough for making perfectly balanced cocktails. That’s why we at BarAdvisor are going to share all of our cocktail tailoring techniques with you with our best picks for cocktail recipe books.

What Is the Best cocktail Book?

Certainly the Cocktail Codex from the creators of Death & Co. The mastermind mixologists behind this one have tailored this masterpiece,  putting together the best cocktail-knowledge bible to date.

The fundamentals and understanding you get are worth the time you spend reading the full piece. That also won’t take long, because the cocktail recipe layout is easy to read. Other books may have a lot more cocktails but reading this your should be able to master anything.

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1. Cocktail Codex

This is by all means the best cocktail recipe book. By buying this knowledge-filled cocktail bible you will get a in-dept taste of the world of cocktailing. That includes the origins, evolution, and every single vital element you’ll need to know to craft the perfect concoction.  This is all the knowledge you need for this art; it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or seasoned craftsmanship in the art of cocktailing. Get started by buying this priceless book now!

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2. Liquid Intelligence.

This recipe book will show you that science can’t be boring if what you’re mixing is booze! With all the knowledge and experience of Dave Arnold, this book is among our favourites!

Not only this book will show you how to craft perfect cocktails, but it will do it by examining thoroughly every step you make while doing it. This is a great addition to the library for pro bartenders who want to improve their skills and knowledge, and for those that want to perfect their at-home cocktailing skills.

It’s also good enough for real bartenders that are interested in chemical perfection, instead of tossing bottles around to impress. Let the flavours start talking adding this piece to your library!

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3. Meehan's Bartender Manual

If you’re a real lover of history and are interested in the evolution of historical drinks into modern cocktails, this is the book you need. Jim Meehan’s bartender manual is the real deal when talking about the history of bartending. In its 260 pages, you will find yourself immersed in real history, the origin, the historical influencers, and everything that determined the way cocktails are made today.

Briefly and easily, you’ll become an expert in spirits, mixology, services, and much more from this industry. That’s how detailed this magnus opus is! This is the must-read for new or soon-to-be bar owners, history enthusiasts, and more alike. Get it at its best price here!

Buy Meehan’s Bartender Manual At Amazon

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4. Book Of Cocktails.

Last but not least, this is a very interesting read for those wanting to pick up classy ideas for delicious cocktails. With all the experience of Steve Raddicliffe and knowledge from other renown writers on the matter, you’ll be getting the ultimate guide to more than 350 recipes!

That’s a must read if you’re running low on ideas, or want to pick up some classics for experimentation. This can be the newbie’s best friends, as well as a great addition to a pro bartender’s library. Get it here! 

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These books will give you all the knowledge you need in order to create the best cocktails you can without any trouble. It doesn’t matter if you’re making cocktails at home, or for twenty people at the same time; ensure the best quality cocktails by improving your technique!

Ready to improve your cocktailing by learning from mastermind craftsmen? Get these books and you’ll have all their tips at the palm of your hand. Cheers!

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