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Whether you’re new at making cocktails, or you’re an experienced bartender, you need a set of tools to prepare delicious drinks. The more you know about drinks, cocktails, and booze, the more tools you’ll need. That’s when the right cocktail-making kits can make a huge difference in the variety of drinks you can make. Do you have the right one?

What does word "Whiskey" mean?

Whiskey comes from a Gaelic word meaning water. The phrase uisce beatha, meaning “water of life“, was the name for distilled alcohol given by Irish monks. Therefore, whiskey means water of life.

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If you like golden, classy, and luxurious collections, you’ll absolutely love Omishome’s kit. This incredible cocktail-making kit is comprised of everything you need with a little bit more flare to it. It’s beautifully detailed in gold, it comes with a wooden stand to hold each tool and an incredibly good price. We can assure you it will look gorgeous next to your home bar!

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If you don’t really care about nothing else but functionality, this kit is for you. This one comes with 23 pieces; only the most useful tools every bartender might need (even without knowing!). Another perk of this kit is its price.

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The most simple and straightforward method is also one of the best in this case. With these eyes trays, that come in a pack of six, you’ll be able to make perfectly round ice-spheres. You’ll have to apply the right method to use them though (by using boiled water); otherwise, you’ll end up with cloudy ice-spheres. The good thing, though, is that they’re cheap, and you can buy as much as you want to make as many ice-balls as you need.

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If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the 23-piece kit, don’t worry, Barillio’s got you covered. You can simply buy this kit instead! It comes with the top-notch shaker and other highly useful tools, so you can easily equip your bar with the best shakers available. Also with the best price!

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If you do need the bells, the whistles, and maybe a little more, you can still get this kit. With it, you’ll have access to a travel-oriented cocktail set with all the tools you need to prepare an awesome cocktail on the go. If you’re a freelance bartender that offers his services for parties and elite gatherings, there’s no other choice; this is the right investment!

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Regardless of what you need of a cocktail-making set, you’ll find everything here. Whether you need a quick replacement for your mixer, or you need the whole bar to take on a trip, here we covered just about every tool you need to prepare the best drinks. Are you geared up already?

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