Best Cocktail Bars in Sydney

Best Cocktail Bars in Sydney

The newest wave of bars, opened in recent years, make Sydney cocktail bars in the city  suit every mood, taste, and price point.


Shady Pines Saloon

1. Shady Pines Saloon

Come to Sydney’s CBD and discover a miracle. Shady Pines Saloon is generally focused on whiskeys, but it is the place with an excellent cocktail menu which makes it one of the best cocktail bars in the city. Be prepared for a long line of admirers who refuse to go somewhere else. Their bartenders are hardworking and knowledgeable boys who serve top-notch drinks and make an excellent atmosphere. Don’t miss picking out your cocktail (I adore Old Pals) and relax.

Assembly Bar

2. Assembly Bar

In the heart of the bustling Regent Place, you can find Assembly Bar, the latest hotspot in the city. Their fabulous cocktail list and tasty share plates is a magnet for a happy crowd. People are waiting in line for a glass full of phenomenal tastes, a great meal, and the best Mandorla Affogato gelato in Sydney. Make a reservation, pick out one of the award-winning cocktails, add a plate of sesame-crumbed chicken strips and finish a crazy night with complimentary buttery popcorn.

Button Bar

3. Button Bar

Button Bar is a place for experts of whiskey and rum with an impressive cocktail list. I simply adore the classy wooden interior of this bar and its elegant furniture. Grab free pistachios along with a selected colorful cocktail and meet your new favorite place in the city. The food offering is not impressive, but who cares. The important thing is that the list of beverages is wow! Explore their 100s-strong collection of gin and rum and enjoy the night.

Bulletin Place

4. Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place is already known as a place where you can get an ultimate, world-class cocktail. I don’t prefer industrial design, but believe me, you will forget about chairs after trying one of their top-notch cocktails. Become one of the only forty-five people who can take a seat in this relaxed watering hole and be prepared for a surprise. Actually, they change their cocktail list daily, and you can’t always find the specific drink you want. Never mind! All the cocktails are excellent.

Lobo Plantation

5. Lobo Plantation

Lobo Plantation is something special. This new cocktail and rum bar, decorated in the Art Nouveau style, is a venue entirely inspired by Cuba. Take a look at the pictures of the different regions of this beautiful country while sipping your rum-based cocktail. If you are in favor of a stronger drink, order rum from Panama, Cuba, Martinique, the Dominican Republic, or Bermuda. For cocktail lovers, there are Mr. Magoo and Old Fashioned. Also, don’t forget trying their triple-smoked ham and Swiss cheese.

barber shop bar

6. The Barber Shop

Such an excellent idea! You can come to the barber’s, and after shaving and haircut, stop by the bar, grab a cocktail or gin (or gin-inspired cocktail), and spend a night enjoying the full service. American and British ‘concoctions’ from 18th and 19th centuries are an inspiration for the marvelous cocktail menu list this bar offers. Plus, with eighty bottles of gin here, you will quickly feel all that Dutch spirit (gin was developed from Dutch liquor). Just come and enjoy.

Eau de Vie 4

7. Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a fantastic cocktail Sydney bar modeled on a 1920s speakeasy. It is a unique combination of brilliant mixologists and an energetic vibe. Become one of the spirit enthusiasts who love this classy place, visit this unique bar, and choose some coffee concoctions, whiskey, or any of 500 different spirits they serve with love. Make sure not to miss one of the cocktails from their impressive list. One more thing – they offer monthly whiskey and cocktail tastings!

Small Bar

8. Small Bar

A humble Small Bar has found its place in the center of the city’s CBD and the heart of its citizens. Come here during a day and enjoy a casual dining time with friends, or become a part of the crowd in the bustling hub of activity at night. Kind staff will help you with every demand you have, including birthday parties and corporate meetings. Try their mouth-watering arancini balls, burgers, or tacos and enjoy their yummy cheeseboard while sipping your cocktail or wine.

Darlo Country Club

9. Darlo Country Club

Darlo Country Club is both a top-notch cocktail bar and an excellent restaurant. You can come here with your buddies for a cocktail or some booze, but this place also offers you the opportunity to organize some exclusive cocktail events here for approximately 250 people. Their service is impeccable, and you will be surprised by the level of the quality they provide at every possible level. They have got some cocktail classics, but I will recommend you to try some new, fun drinks. Give a chance to something innovative!

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