Best Cocktail Bars In Perth

Best Cocktail Bars in Perth

After the State Government implemented major liquor license reform in 2007, a small bar scene in Perth has literally blossomed. These days, small cocktail bars have popped up in many hidden spaces and laneways to the joy of the city’s residents and an increasing number of tourists. It seems that overnight every rooftop, old building, or a basement has become a unique, intimate spot for socializing. Anyway, The New York Times placed Perth on its ‘Top 25 places to go List’ and described the bar scene in the city as ‘Hipster Heaven’. Come to see why this is so.

Best Cocktail Bars in Perth

Located in Perth’s North, the Brook Bar and Bistro is one of those ultra-modern, stylish bistros boasting 200 seats. This lovely place with two beer gardens and a romantic lounge bar is already known for a positive vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Come here to discover an impressive range of cocktails, wines, and beers they offer. Not to mention that their knowledgeable team of chefs prepares an extraordinary selection of yummy dishes every single night.

Niche Cocktail Bar is probably the most sophisticated bar at a new city’s scene and a real pearl of Leederville. This venue is entirely dedicated to hospitality and promoting art. Enjoy the thrilling combination of the good old R’n’B and new Hip Hop sound. Plus, studying their creative menu with a large selection of unique cocktails, champagnes, and other wines is a particular enjoyment for every visitor.  All this will create a memorable nightlife experience for you. Welcome!

Imagine a contemporary venue located at the place of the fabulous 1950’s late-night lounge bar, and you will gain a clear picture of what Halford accurately represents for the city’s bar scene. Located in the basement of the 1897 building, this elegant and a little bit decadent place offers an impressive cocktail list and a wide selection of champagnes, wines, and beers. Start your exciting journey through their cocktail list right after you enter and don’t stop till Dawn.

The cocktail bar Universal is well-known for its ultimate quality of beverages and delicious food since 1993 when it opened the door for the first time. Don’t miss enjoying at least one night in the currently the AHA(WA) Best Live Entertainment Venue and Best Late Night Venue which has provided excellent live music for over two decades. Their award-winning bartenders are at your service all night long. Grab your cocktail, relax, and just enjoy.

As one unique, artisan cocktail bar, Lafayette offers an extensive cocktail and wine list and excellent beers along with an impressive food menu. This spot reflects the real excitement of drinking colorful cocktails. Take a seat at one of their small, intimate rooms famous for lovely artwork and antique décor and feel the atmosphere. Be sure that their bartender will use fresh fruits to make their fantastic cocktails which will be served along with a wide range of liqueurs and homemade bitters.

Young George is a lovely neighborhood bar mostly focused on fantastic cocktails and delicious food. Take your seat and grab a glass of your favorite, inventive cocktail, cider, craft beer, or choose some excellent local or international wine. Their menu is well-known for seasonal and local ingredients prepared at a romantic wood-fired oven. Don’t miss their house-made dried sausages and meat as well as a great selection of creative veggie meals.

Come to the Classroom and discover how exciting ‘night at school’ can be. This spot full of interesting educational artifacts is the right place to learn about the most exciting cocktails. Discover their food menu and a list of cocktails glued into class books. Although cocktails will be your favorite subject during school hours in this classroom, you can also pick out some excellent cider, wine, or beer. I highly recommend you their delicious fennel sausage rolls, pork, and grilled fish.

Lazarus Studios designed the Blue Flamingo in the style of a tropical paradise. Their cocktail list is an enchanting mixture of tequila, rum, and pisco. Their wine and beer come from romantic South America, and excellent food gives us the feeling that we are in the Caribbean. Come to this huge, sunny space and enjoy the relaxing vibe while listening to gleeful tropical tunes and jazz. Their charming bartenders in Hawaiian shirts will make any cocktail you desire.

I am pretty sure that you know some places that are absolutely perfect for any occasion. Well, warm and lovely UWA Tavern is one of these venues. It is located near the city’s CBD with a spectacular river view. Whether you are looking to host a birthday party or a corporate event, this bar has the unique vibe you will be satisfied with. Enjoy their new audio system, great specialties of the house, and a wide selection of beverages including amazing cocktails.


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