Best Cocktail Bars in Melbourne

Best Cocktail Bars in Melbourne

When you come to Melbourne and look for the best cocktail bars there to spend a memorable night out, go straight to the CBD (Central Business District). Cocktail bars are literally everywhere, and you just need to find one from the underground to the rooftops. If you are lucky to meet some of the locals to show you well-hidden waterholes in the city, you will spend the night you could never even imagine. Keep in mind that Melburnians are equally passionate about creative cocktails and coffee after a hard working day. Join them, grab a beverage after a long day of adventures this city offers, and enjoy.

Best Cocktail Bars in Melbourne

With over two hundred available, the Rum Diary offers enough rum to raise your excellent mood and sink a pirate ship in the same time. If you can’t resist the best crowd, the ultimate atmosphere, and rum in every possible combination (including imaginative cocktails), come here to feel the vibe. Highly recommend you their famous Cocktail on Tap, the rum-based cocktail their talented crew invented. Come to this, nautically designed, comfortable venue to spend a great time with your friends.

Above Board is an unusual cocktail bar, without bottles stacked above a luminous back bar and intimate booths. Take a seat at the banquettes or island bar and be prepared for a bunch of surprises. You probably won’t recognize any drink they will serve, but the pleasure of discovering the beauty of their cocktails will be immeasurable. Keep in mind that the space for the bottles in this bar is limited, and you should pick out some other spot if you prefer only familiar spirits.

Find the Everleigh in a simple house in Gertrude Street. If you want to engage the bartenders, take a seat next to a striking marble bar and enjoy your cocktail while the rest of the crowd spend time at the leather-bound booths. Sip any of ‘golden era’s cocktails’ they make with squeezed fresh juice, including fixes, daisies, fizzes, old-fashioned, and sours. Pay attention to glass cabinets full of old bartender’s tools and cocktail tomes. Such an extraordinary piece of history!

Once you discover Romeo Lane, you will easily believe that your Romeo is not a Prince Charming but a bar. They offer a cocktail list you can easily fall in love with. Pick any cocktail including Tom Waits, and Levon Helm served in gorgeous cut glassware. One thing I can tell you for sure. Their bartenders will give their best to show all the magic you need. If you add a creamy burrata and smoked almonds they provide, the night will be complete and – perfect.

Black Pearl is a sophisticated bar where locals adore spending time with a beverage in one hand and the girl’s waist in the other. Everybody is focused on colorful cocktails mixing masters skillfully make behind the bar. Enjoy your selected beverage while nibbling on delicious bar snacks. Try their sausage rolls, and you will forget about vegetarianism forever! And please, don’t be one of those who will steal their menu. They are beautiful, but..

Eau De Vie is a poorly hidden gold star among drinking venues. It is hard to choose only one of the hundreds of whiskeys from worldwide they offer. It is even more challenging to determine just that one cocktail that is perfect for you. After taking a shot, order something from their excellent tapas menu. Try the eggplant fries and their yummy cheese boards, but my favorite meal is definitely the duck sausage roll with an unbelievable truffle-spiked Dijon.

Come to Beneath Driver Lane, located in an old bank vault, to drink whiskey or excellent cocktails, experience ultimate service, and enjoy full melancholy of blues. Don’t forget to try Reuben sandwich the staff serve at 2 am in this basement of dreams, decorated in rustic Victorian style. Their bartenders, worn in black chef coats, are personable, knowledgeable, and above all, pure professionals. It is up to you to choose a cocktail for the evening to come.

Whisky & Alement is a pearl in the crown of Melbourne’s bar scene. The staff is innovative and ahead of their time, which makes this venue different from the competition. You can expect a warm service and all necessary guidance if you are a novice. They even have a plan to open an education and tasting room upstairs. Anyway, come to this exceptional place, taste a good cocktail, and discover why they were picked out to be a Bar of the Year for 2017.

The name of the bar is Hihou, which means – secret treasure. It is a Japanese-influenced bar with a minimalist layout. Their selection of drinks is extensive, and you can choose some strange ones such as seasonal fruit cocktails, a potato-based liquor, sake, Japanese beers, and plum wine. Grab your beverage and spice your night with excellent Japanese snacks like a fried potato with tamari caramel, trout sashimi, or the cream cheese.

Hidden behind the Tusk cafe, a 40’s-themed Back Bar is a place of gilded mirrors and ornate couches. A little bit extravagant, this venue will offer you a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Grab one of their delicious cocktails, and enjoy complimentary hot snacks during a daily happy hour. If you come here during a weekend, go upstairs to the Gold Room and discover an entirely different, romantic dimension of this lovely place.


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