Best Cocktail Bars in Gold Coast

Best Cocktail Bars in Gold Coast

Come to this magnificent surf city and enjoy all the advantages this place offers. As it is expected, all the area is entirely blessed with a bunch of cocktail bars in which you can spend a great time while sipping delicious, colorful cocktails overlooking the ocean. Gold Coast is well-known for its list of spots where both locals and tourists can find the best for their aspirations. Come to any of the recommended ones after a fantastic day soaking up the sun and grab your late-night beverage. Whatever you choose, from a unique cocktail to organic craft beer, prepare yourself for a memorable night. Cheers!

1. Last Night on Earth

Where would you spend the last night on earth? How about the Gold Coast bar ‘Last Night on Earth’? This open-air watering hole is a perfect place for trivia nights with a casual vibe, board games, and excellent live acoustics. Come here when the sun goes down, grab a craft beer or enjoy one of their colorful cocktails served in an elegant glass. Don’t forget to try their creative food made of fresh ingredients.

2. Stingray Lounge

When you decide to seek for a drink with seasonable herbs, come to the Stingray bar. They use their own plants picked from the rooftop garden. The imaginative mixologists create unusual tipples by mixing various liqueurs and spirits with season’s flavors. I will recommend you to try their Surfers Sour, Ginger Pacific Ale, or outstanding espresso martini. Take a seat on a lounge chair and enjoy the atmosphere both locals and tourists adore equally.

3. Aloha Bar & Dining

Aloha Bar & Dining is a hidden bar with immeasurably good tiki vibes. Imagine a girl squad’s night with magical pineapple cocktail in your hand. Not to mention that this place is well worth searching if you prefer rum and rum-based cocktails. Take a seat under a bunch of island-themed stuff and nautical knick-knacks and order your cocktail served in fun vessels such as a Darth Vader’s helmet, treasure chest, or hollowed watermelons and pineapples.

4. The Cambus Wallace

The kind and knowledgeable Cambus Wallace’s staff knows how to prepare a delicious mixed drink. Their nautical-themed creations such as chamomile tea tincture, pineapple syrup, a dash of egg white, or maraschino liqueur will leave you entirely speechless. For the ultimate males, there are taps with their own craft ale and a rotation of excellent local craft beers. Come on Wednesday and enjoy live jazz or pick out some other night when best DJs spinning.

5. FIX Bar

FIX is a sophisticated cocktail bar situated inside the Hilton Surfers Paradise. Order your favorite cocktail while enjoying this elegant vintage interior. The atmosphere is casual, the decor romantic and influenced by the 30’s. Can you imagine that even glassware oozes are from that period? This place has become popular thanks to their fantastic cocktail list, but you can order every drink you prefer. You can expect that highly-skilled staff serves you a beverage in a ‘do it yourself’ chemistry kit or smoking watering can.

6. Wildernis Cafe and Bar

Located in Gold coast, Wildernis Cafe and Bar is vast enough to have a possibility to host events such as anniversaries, birthday parties, and even weddings. Come here for a delicious family breakfast or to drink your coffee after a hard working day. Their kind and experienced staff will help you and your friends or a family to spend a wonderful time. Be sure that the barista can make a miracle you need for your special night and waiters will be fast and enthusiastic.

7. SoHo Place Bar

The drinks-only concept is well-known all around the globe, but SoHo Place Bar is actually the first ‘small bar’ in Gold Coast. Ask some locals to help you to find a decadent red door and discover what this moody, mysterious, candle-lit space hides. A cocktail list is packed with their own distinctive mixtures along with the world’s best-loved creations. Order the Painkiller in a unique mug and enjoy the taste of rum, orange juice, pineapple, and coconut.

8. House of Brews

Come to House of Brews, the top watering hole in Surfers Paradise which offers over thirty brews on tap. While sipping your beer served in a mug, taste the delicious Tijuana street fries, Asian chicken lettuce wraps, or their yummy bites such as chocolate-covered bacon and the crispy fried mac’ and cheese. If you are looking for an excellent cocktail, you are also in the right place. Become one of the first who has tried their innovative cocktail Purple Haze.

9. Seventy7 Café & Bar

When you come to Skypoint, don’t miss visiting Seventy7 Cafe and Bar, the highest altitude bar in Australia. Located on level 77 of the Q1 hotel, this place offers stunning 360-degree views of the city and beautiful ocean. Order a cocktail or a bottle of sparkling and enjoy the twinkling stars above you. Be prepared that this spot is often crowded early in the evening and you may need to wait for your meal for a while.

10. Mamasan

Mamasan is both a Japanese term for an authority woman and excellent cocktail bar in Gold Coast. Come here through the cherry blossom doorway to discover their carefully made cocktails such as fabulous Lychee Elderflower Elixir or refreshing Lemongrass Gimlet. Their kitchen offers (as expected) Southeast Asian meals. You can try some of the favorite traditional meals as well as delicious contemporary ones. Take a seat at a high communal table and enjoy a great atmosphere.

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