Best Bars in Sydney, Australia

Best Bars in Sydney, Australia

People often believe that Australians are too Sydney-centric for their own good, but it’s a fact that some of the best bars not only in Australia but also in the world are situated in Sydney. Apart from classic pubs and taverns, there are also bar-restaurants, cocktail bars and places that are all three at once. But the ones that are really world class are the ones that show off Sydney’s Amazing Harbour love rooftop bars and natural wines but also want to discover new stylish bars and heritage brewers which offer delicious cocktails and a craft beer. Find this one place worth visiting the continent on the other side of the world.

Best Bars in Sydney, Australia

Tio’s Bar is the bar run by a friend. Nothing creates a smile as quickly as this place. The staff is legendary, the atmosphere is electric, and you have the feeling that you are at home every time you visit it. Just relax, put the smile on your face, and go with the flow. Tio’s will take care of everything else, and the bartenders will walk you through some extra special cocktails in a quiet moment. If you have a desire to try their cocktails, let’s go! Be sure that it will be the time of your life.

Englishmen usually do not like Australian bars because they are ‘not old enough’, ‘not cozy enough’, and ‘not British enough’. Well, there is a bar named the Duke of Clarence located in the heart of Sydney. It is an 18th-century inspired London tavern where you can find a wide range of cocktails, a great offering of European wines, cask ale, and taste British dishes. Come in and discover why this bar is in a class of its own.

With the backlit wall of whiskey, the Baxter Inn offers an impressive collection. This underground whiskey cellar is a perfect place for everybody who is enamored with the backlit wall, which is accessible by having well-coiffed bartender climb along the counters. The menu board starts at the ceiling in three columns and ends somewhere out of sight. They are proud of having unusual releases and rare bottles. Bartenders are some of the best in the city and not order a cocktail is a wasted opportunity. It’s the magical place in every possible way.

Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern is already the legend! Some awesome people run this place where you can drink Cognac and ‘shit tinnies’ (a can of beer). But, whatever you choose to drink, it will be good. With food provided by Mary’s Burgers, first-rate cocktails, and marvelous music, this bar offers a good night out. They keep the lights low and Cognac collection impressive. All three owners have a secret superpower and whip up exciting drinks with a side of the bar when they work together. You will meet all of them there..if you have luck.

The first you see when you sail into the Sydney harbor is the Opera House. Perfectly nestled on the grounds of the famous building is the popular watering-hole, Opera Bar. It’s probably the best beer garden in the world, honestly ideal for any occasion including early breakfast, a lazy lunch, or a pre-show dinner. Their wine list boasts grapes from all over the world and their cocktail list is upgraded quarterly, making great surprises over and over again. Cheers!

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There are many tiki bars on the world, but Jacoby’s Tiki Bar is a swift antidote to every severe wine bar!  It’s decorated with flocked banana palm wallpaper, glowing fishing floats, and dried puffer fish. If you want to taste the city’s most ridiculous cocktails in an ambient whit Twin Peaks references, you should come here. The guys slinging drinks serve all, including lurid blue liqueurs, in impressive tiki mugs. All in all, they discovered the secret recipe for having a good time.

Hidden away in an innocuous basement in the center of Sydney’s, retro cocktail bar Grandma’s Bar will welcome you with the outstanding customer service, excellent drinks, and delicious food. It’s one of the places you can kick back, get cozy and accept homemade food mixed with lots of love without feeling the kindness need to be returned. They are a home away from home where you can come, relax and enjoy fun tiki or rum style cocktails, personally sourced beer and wine with a soul. Welcome!

Brunch Bar Annata is officially one of eleven the best Sydney’s wine bars and the best-kept secret north of the bridge! With an extensive list of wine from various corners of the world, it is the place where is near-impossible to decide how to start. The food they offer is equally impressive with coffee braised lamb, ace crispy onion petals, and burrata with hazelnut. If you want to dodge crowd, go north of the bridge and spend a few hours at this fine place.

Upstairs Big Poppa’s has an entire menu of delicious late night food while downstairs is a killer bartender serving wonderful drinks in a typically Australian relaxed way. It’s open pretty late by Sydney standards, and you have time to reveal first-rate cocktails slowly. But, don’t ignore excellent wine list too! The menu is a bit limited, and tables are close together which make this place very noisy at times, but the mood is lovely. Surely it is the bar worth your effort.


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