Best Bars in Perth

Best Bars in Perth

Going to the pub on Sunday afternoons is an opportunity for people to spend the end of the weekend with friends while looking out over the majestic Swan River or the ocean and drinking their beverages. Sunday session usually starts around 9 pm when many pubs offer ‘happy hours’ with a discount for all drinks including alcohol.

No Mafia

1. No Mafia

Come to No Mafia’s and enjoy fantastic atmosphere and southern Italian hospitality. It will be pretty hard deciding between numerous pizzas and excellent pasta.  Their extensive wine list should satisfy even pickiest wine lovers.


2. Bob’s Bar

Bob’s Bar is named in honor of Bob Hawke, Australia’s third-longest serving Prime Minister. This rooftop terrace bar is located on the top of Print Hall. Come to the real city oasis with a wizard view of the Perth’s tallest buildings and a lot of places to sit. They are well-known for craft beer selection from Perth’s most unconventional brewers and marvelous, oriental-inspired menu.

Bar Lafayette

3. Bar Lafayette

Just a few people would have expected real Boho-chic bar at Brookfield Place. Bar Lafayette is a French-inspired new drinking and dining hub in Perth. Come to this artisanal cocktail bar and sense a difference while drinking a cocktail ‘with passion’, some boutique beer or excellent wine. Keep in mind that they don’t accept reservations. Come on time.

Back Bar at Hylin

4. Back Bar at Hylin

It seems to me that Back Bar at Hylin is a good, old neighborhood bar with the high ceilings, black bi-fold windows and a polished, concrete floor. Enjoy their exceptional nacho croquettes, nice cheeseburgers and discover their selection of wines. Entirely relaxed and surrounded by greenery, you can order the glass or bottle of any local boutique wine.

Ronnie Nights

5. Ronnie Nights

Fusing old-school Fremantle charm, the good old house party and 70s Australiana, Ronnie Nights is a bar with floor covered by original ornate tiling and a staircase in the middle. If it doesn’t sound attractive, think again this place is awesome.


6. Hadiqa

Hadiqa is Andy Freeman’s fourth place and one of the first open bars at the eastern end of the CBD in Perth. Named after the Arabic word for ‘garden’, this rooftop bar is a real urban oasis. The cocktail list is not too long, but everything necessary is there including brews and selection of wines. Enjoy Moroccan flavors and try out some of their unique cocktails.


7. Tiny’s

Made in true Forde style, Tiny’s is a bright and airy bar where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere. Their kitchen is focused on classic, well-done dishes including fish, chicken, and the fresh vegetables they grow in their own rooftop garden. 300-bottle selection of wines is also quite impressive.

Lucky Chans Laundry and Noodle Bar

8. Lucky Chan's Laundry and Noodle Bar

Why would somebody name the bar Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar? I don’t know, but this first crowd-funded bar in Australia is quite fascinating. Walk by a bar at and take a seat on one of the tables tightly packed along the wall. They serve ramen, dumplings and bao. Come here with your friends for excellent food and Japanese whiskey.

Lalla Rookh Wine Store

9. Lalla Rookh Wine Store

Every city should have their own Lalla Rookh Wine Store. Their impressive collection of wines, tasty northern Italian food, fast and efficient service make this wine bar almost perfect. Addition to fantastic wines you should also try rotation of beers. Enoteca has space for just 30 people. Believe me, when you get cozy, you won’t give up your seat without a fight!

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