Best Bars In New York City

10 Best Bars In
New York City

The big apple! Finding the best bars in New York City can be tough. WHY, you ask. Because there are so many of them, to find the best bar for you is like finding a needle in a haystack.. This list is just a small portion of the best bars in NYC.

New York is the place you can find your perfect bar, there is a bar for every personality.

10 Best Bars In New York City

The Crown Inn in Brooklyn is a triple threat for all those who prefer fantastic bar staff, a great beer selection, and a friendly atmosphere. It has got all of the charm and specific character you could want while you enjoy your drinks. It is always full of locals who make atmosphere incredible. There is an excellent back patio which can be one more reason you should be spending more time there.

If you end up at The Commodore bar, you apparently like dark spaces and loud music. The best thing is that you will probably meet someone you know there while he enjoys a piña colada with an amaretto float, the house cocktail. Don’t question it! Just take one too, and you won’t make a mistake. Don’t worry if you get hungry. They also offer excellent fried chicken and delicious burgers but keep in mind that they serve no dessert.

Kenta Goto is an award-winning bartender and Tokyo transplant. He opened Bar Goto two years ago, after a seven-year stint at Pegu Club. You can’t make a reservation in his bar because their motto is “First Come, First Served”. They seat parties but only when all guests have arrived. This interesting man makes cocktails which spanning all tastes and especially highlighting Japanese flavors. Don’t miss a great bar food menu! Food is simply delicious.

There are a ridiculous number of bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you dream of enjoying expertly-made cocktails which are served in romantic and gorgeous space, you should visit the one particular bar there for sure. Two-story cocktail bar Ramona is the place which can impress anyone and where people go when they need attractive space with a huge cocktail menu. Come here and impress your date while sitting on the upstairs balcony.

The only bar which is worth going to the Financial District is the internationally award-winning The Dead Rabbit. It pulls off the “old New York” thing pretty well with great cocktails and delicious food. It reminds of an old Irish pub with cleaner lines and better lighting. If you want to enjoy the real New York city, skip the Statue of Liberty and come here to try one of the excellent seasonal cocktails or the homemade punch.

Dante is a 100-year-old staple along Macdougal Street. It was recently completely restored on the way to stay true to the original. The new owners have kept all its charm. You can sit at a table of course, but the magic starts when you grab a stool at the small bar and order one of the amazing, visually stunning, extraordinary tasted seasonal cocktails made of fresh juices, fruits, herbs, and even vegetables. Also, there is a splendid selection of wine and beer if you want to go for something more straightforward and less pricey.

Have you ever visited BlackTail bar, the best new American bar 2017? If not, you should try some of the best cocktails in New York City as soon as possible. Their 50-page menu book looks terrifying when you come to the bar for the first time. It includes cocktails, highball, punches, old-fashioned’s, and sours, but our advice would be to stick to the cocktails here. Some of their drinks are quite complex, others are simple, but all of them are worth attempting.

Black and White

Black and White is an example of a versatile bar where you can come with a bunch of friends. It is also an ideal place to go with a date because the lack of natural light thoroughly encourages intimacy. It is not a trendy place, but that is actually a good thing. You can enjoy in privacy during a slow night because this bar has a soul. And that is pretty hard to find these days.

Attaboy was born when Milk & Honey moved to the Flatiron District. It was opened by Sam and Michael, two veterans of that bar, in its original home. You have to make the reservation if you want to enjoy their excellent cocktails. With its intimate vibe and dim lighting, this bar is an excellent place for spending the end of the night. Plus, it’s the time when it is easiest for you to get a table.

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Come to The Eddy, one of those neighborhood bars where you are welcome as a friend. You can visit this miniature romantically peach-hued zone, which seems as it has come at First Avenue from the other world, by yourself or with your dearest friends. Just lie down into one of the ten leather bar stools and have a little chat with head bartender Luis Hernandez who will give you a couple of lifestyle tips while he is mixing his famous cocktails. Welcome!


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