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Best Bars in New Orleans

The fact is that New Orleans has so many bars that it’s nearly impossible to name the best bars in New Orleans plus the locals are no help because they love them all.

At only one square mile, you can find a huge range from cheap dimly lit dive bars to expensive upper-class classics. 

Also they are not all on the famous Bourbon Street there are great bars all over Nola.

avenue pub neworleans classic pub

There is very seriously thinking that The Avenue Pub has become one of the USA most excellent beer bars. When you come here, they will pour best Louisiana brews from 54 tap lines which frequently rotate, for you and your companions. Kind staff will tell you an amusing story about every beer including more than 200 bottled beers they have. And, don’t worry about the food. They serve meats and excellent dishes in bar’s kitchen too.

If you are wondering if carousel bar really rotates- it does. It does turn quite slowly so you might not notice it. Carousel has been New Orlean’s hot spot for a very long time. It offers live music, cool decor and really good cocktails.

There is no bar for all the people, but Bacchanal is pretty close to achieving this through natural evolution. It was opened in 2002 as a wine shop, but nowadays it is a place with a music stage, excellent food, and upstairs cocktail bar. You can sit in the back garden patio and pick out a wild tableau whit rose wine which flows freely. It seems that this is a spot of choice for several generations of bohemians converge to eat and drink. Relaxation in a great atmosphere has implied.

Believe or not, this place on the corner of St. Louis and Chartres was initially built for Napoleon Bonaparte! This over 200-years-old townhouse is a perfect example of the romantic decay which is a sort of epitomize of the French Quarter. It seems that the time stands here, in the space which exudes all possible European charm. When you come to this bar, you can only admire uneven tile floors, the patinated walls, and an elegant wooden bar which speaks of many decades of service. Welcome!

The Black Penny is located on Rampart St, and it is literally a neighborhood’s bar. This is a prime place with a wrap-around bar where you can sit and enjoy an extensive beer menu. There is no kitchen in the bar, but you can order moderately-priced eats from the grill near the front door. It will fit craft beers in cans. Keep in mind that this tiny spot with friendly bartenders is Eco-friendly!

The Cure was opened in 2009 and has already been nominated for James Beard Award for America’s best bar. This place has set the severe standards for cocktails in New Orleans. Their extravagance cocktails are uncompromising with their creative and bitter flavors. Even though there is always crowded, this bar is not for everyone. It stands as the city’s most significant cocktail bar and the place where loyalty is appreciated.

Fritzel’s European Jazz pub with its nightly swing jazz shows reminds me of a top bohemian class. In this place is playing probably the best jazz band in the city. With a strong drink in your hand, you can enjoy the great ambiance and fantastic talent of the musicians. If you decide to get away for a minute, there is a perfect small courtyard for that purpose. If you prefer sitting, a charming hostess will direct you where. Go there with a friend and spend a unique night.

Arnaud’s French 75 Bar was once ‘only for men’ space. It is a gorgeous polished bar where you can get a high-quality French 75 with Cognac and Champagne made by one of the USA best and award-winning bartenders Chris. Its tone changes every night from a romantic place for a cocktail during weekday evenings, to the scene for a bachelorette party. The well-trained and attentive bar staff will take care of you in an ‘old school style’.

The Okay Bar is a kind of old man’s bar, but very young men actually run it. You can come here for a whiskey or beer ‘with an attitude’. This corner of a Port Street has the main room which looks like a real dance-hall under the porthole windows and neon ribbons above the bar. While drinking, you can try to unlock a big safe in the corner. Consider that I warned you – no one has managed it by now!

Cane & Table is a modern cocktail bar which nurtures some of the best bar-tending talents in town. The cocktails are inspired by Tropics, but luckily masters on the bar make them without too much fruit. The food menu is entirely in Caribbean style as well as the whole space which evokes Old San Juan and Havana. Between noon and 2 PM during the weekend, you can even take advantage of the all-you-can-drink brunch!

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Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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