Best Bars in Melbourne Australia

Best Bars in Melbourne, Australia

If you need a picture of Melbourne viewed through the bottom of a wine glass, there is a list of ten bars which represent the pinnacle of Melbourne drinking. Many of these bars are Time Out Bar Awards winners, and most of them take pride of place in some of the most popular tourist guides of the best wine bars, cocktail bars, and rooftop bars. Like no other city in the world, Melbourne has hidden bars including those located down a tiny lane-way, behind a bookshelf, and bars that barely fits few people. Try to find them! They are the very best this fantastic city has to offer.

Best Bars in Melbourne, Australia

Kirk’s Wine Bar is perfect for the lunchtime and afternoon drinks with friends. With a mamma’s Italian menu written on the green tiled walls, it could easily be one of many in the shadow of the Colosseum. But, in Melbourne, it is unique, authentic, and delicious wine bar situated in Kirk’s Bazaar, a former horse-trading pavilion built in 1840. Featuring house favorites are steak tartars, Niçoise and Caprese salad, plus extraordinary the rabbit and duck terrine. Take your time and enjoy.

Who doesn’t want to spend all the time in a secret tiki bar such as Jungle Boy bar? Here you can perch up with a Hemingway Spritz, Italy’s favorite afternoon refresher, or with B Bizzle Swizzle that will cool you out. The snack menu includes gravy, chips, and cheese even though they don’t exactly fit that kind of drinks. But, you will quickly forget that fact in the name of a good time here. You will simply love this little pocket of the tropics.

The new cocktail bar House of Correction reflects all the hospitality of Melbourne. It’s entirely redesigned and plain-and-simple good. You will be welcomed by a well-dressed host who offers you a choice to go upstairs to the rooftop or to go inside at the bar. The cocktails made by some of Melbourne’s friendliest bartenders are excellent. The craft beer list includes crackers like Three Ravens 55 American Pale Ale. Essential Chinese snacks from downstairs are perfect in combination with booze. Welcome to this odd little space.

Have you already heard about Hihou, the home of sake, good whiskey, and game-changing Japanese snacks? When you book a spot in the dining space and have a plan staying a while at this unusual bar, you should wear your best socks. Following the Japanese tradition, you will be politely asked to slip off your shoes before sliding under the low-slung table. They offer complete meal out of individual snacks, but you should try duck breast, slices of pork belly, and the swordfish sashimi too. During the meal start with sake, and after that enjoy carefully prepared cocktails.

Gerald’s Bar is the battle-tested, five-star general and the true legend of the 2018 Time Out Bar Awards. It’s a bar with personality, always convivial and eccentric, with the 200 bottles-long wine lists. You have to make a hard choice between vintage bottles from around the world and new crazy wines popular these days. The service is intentionally fussy, the food menu is handwritten, and the kitchen cooks are daily changed. The owner very often sits outside with a cigarette in hand surrounded by locals. This bar was made for the neighborhood, but it has become an unavoidable destination bar you shouldn’t bypass.

We can freely say that Cherry Bar has helped Melbourne to become the nation’s live music capital. Nowadays it has a status as a legend. It’s probably the best Rock’n’Roll bar which has pushed for positive change in the music industry and shaped Melbourne’s live music culture. They have a zero-tolerance policy for unsociable behavior, including sexual harassment. When neighbors complained about the noise, the loyal ‘Cherry Massive’ donated more than $50,000 to help pay for the soundproofing. Cherry, we salute you!

After 13 years of existence, the Black Pearl is as respected as ever. It was re-energized two years ago. Now it’s welcoming space with whiskey-toned leather banquettes, warm timbers, and amber candles. Discover an exclusive line of cocktails available in the intimate top-floor lounge. Standouts included Sweet Tea Smash of Bulleit Bourbon, iced tea, Strega, and lemon; and the spicy, smoky Little Squirt of tequila, mezcal, Chartreuse, capsicum, and grapefruit. Besides, enjoy Tash’s mum’s dinky homemade sausage rolls. Bon appetite!

To drink at Bar Liberty means that you have a privilege to enjoy the drink which each drop is a superlative example of the ultimate style. Pick out the best wine, exotic cocktails, cider, dry vermouth, a special edition of sour beer, or whiskey, and you can’t make a mistake in any case. Try raw beef and garlic breadcrumbs, and be inspired with a Sour Grapes cocktail created by one of best bartenders in Melbourne. Don’t forget to read their ever-evolving wall of inspiration while you are listening Rage Against the Machine and Bob Dylan.

Find Arlechin, a magical place of best Italian wines, spaghetti, and late-night naughtiness. It has a strong handle on wines, and you can pick from the master wine list which includes Sutton Grange Fiano, a local expression of an Italian white and excellent Radikon Tocai Friulano ‘Jakot’. Their incredible lesser-known cocktails inspired by Italy will fulfill all your senses. Don’t miss their spaghetti in a bright tomato sauce or famous Bolognese jaffle. Relax and enjoy. That is only you need to do in this unique place.

The cocktail bar Romeo Lane is a bar which is more your soul mate than any person. It can make you fall in love over and over again in that perfect balance of class and comfort. They serve your favorite cocktails in beautiful cut glassware. Enjoy impeccable drinks list while you are listening to Tom Waits, Rolling Stones, or Bruce Springsteen. They are good hosts who will make a simple chili night an unexpected experience.


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