Best Bars in Las Vegas

Best Bars in Las Vegas

Picking the best bar in Las Vegas is always a hard assignment. We are talking about the unique town with a lot of ace bars with atmospheres and vibes you don’t want to miss. If you have enough time and pockets full of money for magnificent casinos, exciting cocktail bars, clean pools, extraordinary clubs, and music venues, grab your date or friends and hurry up! Regardless of whether you are only a newcomer or an old standby, with a drink in hand, you will experience the best time in your life at local spots both on and off the Strip. Welcome!

Best Bars in Las Vegas

Have you ever imagine that you can seat in Minus 5 bar in the middle of the desert? It’s a cold place surrounded by extreme heat, and you should get to the bar as quickly as possible to avoid symptoms of heat stroke. If you like coldness and ice, Minus 5 is your only option in Las Vegas. There are ice sculptures all around the main room. They will serve your drink in ice glasses which belongs to you forever. Well, until it melts. And, don’t forget that they don’t allow phones!

Maybe you have visited many unique places, but Park on Fremont is completely weird with all those paintings of deranged little girls, deer heads with guns, and the books and fireplace behind the bar. Believe or not, there is the sign in their bathroom where is written “employees must say ‘Bloody Mary’ into the mirror for the three times before returning to work”! Enjoy the unusual atmosphere, the drink menu lists with more than 60 beer selections from all over the world, or one of four specialty Bloody Marys.

The Chandelier is a unique tri-level bar which reminds me of a big humongous chandelier. Every floor has its own dimension and feeling. There is a casino bar with live music on the first floor. The third floor is inspired by the nearby shops where you can try extraordinary feminine craft cocktails. The middle level is a private cocktail room. You only need to take your own personality there and find the right level for you at that moment. This bar offers a different experience for anyone.

If you are looking for a place where you can drink without having people stare at you, there is Millennium Fandom. You can dress up as your favorite character from fantasy and down shots of great cocktails while pretending to be whatever you like to be. The bar itself is an elegant, windowless space that’s like a speakeasy for people who spend more money for their Sci-Fi costumes than on drinking. Come here and get all your hidden fantasies.

Mandarin Bar can be an example that sophistication and the beauty can be unique. All things are classy here. It is an impressive space that feels like an alluring loft owned by a real person. The view is one of the best in the city, and small bites menus, delectable cocktails, and the live jazz make this place awesome. Even though it’s hard to believe, you can still find hidden gems in Las Vegas. Some of them such as this Oriental jewel are hidden because they want to be.

Go to Hofbräuhaus and feel the smell and ambiance of Oktoberfest in the center of the desert. The bar is a good replica of the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich where you can taste the incredible beer. With authentic music played by German bands and a lively atmosphere, this is the place to go to meet new people and experience real German attitude with your new drinking buddy. They have found a way to keep their own beer fest going 365 days a year. Cheers!

If you are under 60, you have probably never seen one of those Tiki rooms. But, Frankie’s Tiki Room gives you a chance to experience the life from 1957. It is unique tiki room with bamboo and all those tiki statues designed just for this particular bar. They even serve special drinks with a little umbrella in them. Head here if you ask for a unique experience with strong beverages at affordable prices.

There are countless Irish and English pubs all over Las Vegas, but the bar Crown & Anchor continues to be Vegas’ most lively and least pretentious watering hole. It’s the perfect place for local hipsters, UNLV students, and casino workers and there you will seriously be a part of one of the most courteous bar crowds you’ll ever mix with. Enjoy the Crown’s stocked menu with Guinness, Blackthorn Cider or one of James Bond martinis while U2 and Jam songs are changed into the jukebox one after another.

Imagine the perfectly unique bar and be sure that you can’t make a picture of Commonwealth at only. It is not weirdly decorated at all but has some kind of personality. You can find plenty space to entertain, express or invite a little closeness. Relax and enjoy the expert bartenders’ outstanding cocktails. There is also a bar with its own DJ on the roof, and you can take the view of Vegas from there. Plus, their cocktail list is movie-inspired and guarantees unforgettable time.


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