Best Bars in Chicago

Best Bars in Chicago

If you want a unique mix of the old-times bars and modern luxury, come to Chicago they have it all.

The Whistler

1. The Whistler

The Whistler is the Chicago’s craft cocktail pioneer. They serve inventive cocktails inspired by the classics at reasonable prices. I recommend you a hot winter drink made of Ramazzotti, dark rum, coconut, red bean, and almond milk or top Baltic Porter beer with margarita riff. Be a part of creative crowds and enjoy the excellent ever-changing menu. Don’t miss to watch one of the nightly performances or to dance with live music.

Sportsmans Club

2. Sportsman's Club

Sportsman’s Club is a comfortable old-school tavern, a hang-here-all-day venue, and a modern cocktail bar in one package. Expect their best of the best – a house drink based on Amaro and a new list of four cocktails every single night. Feel the ultimate vibe, cool tunes, an expansive magic back patio, and twinkly lights. The special offer is playing chess on the boards built into the tables. Come once, and you will always return to this place.

Lost Lake

3. Lost Lake

As the Chicago’s best tiki bar, Lost Lake offers the impressively made drinks in combination with the ultimate fun. Imagine the place with more than 200 varieties of rum, numerous cocktails, and all desirable tropical fruit juices, and you will get a clear idea of what that bar actually is. Their cocktail guru Paul McGee is probably the brightest star of Chicago’s nightlife. Just order the Banana Daiquiri and be prepared for perfection.

Scofflaw 1

4. Scofflaw

Discover if the Scofflaw in Logan Square is really the best bar in Chicago as many people believe. The top-notch choice of craft cocktails makes this place a secure refuge for both local blossoming creative class and unconventional-cocktail lovers. Discover the novice-friendly drink list with all necessary instructions and adequate illustrations this watering hole offers at affordable prices. The ‘must order’ beverage is definitely Swizzle #3, the ‘death’s combination’ of rum, gin, orgeat, bitters, Lillet blonde, lime, and passion fruit.

The Up Room

5. The Up Room

In the center of the Wicker Park, you should find the Up Room, a tiny lounge placed on the 13th-floor of the Robey Hotel. This hotel bar is all about the view which is worth the effort. This intimate, casual rooftop is a perfect choice for the 5 o’clock tea or some sweet liqueur if you are young or feel young. Be prepared to wait a little longer if come during the weekends because this quite small bar has many dedicated admirers.

Pops for Champagne

6. Pops for Champagne

Pops for Champagne is a simple, chic, and bright neighborhood bar in River North for girl’s night out or friends gathering. After more than 30 years in business, they know all the amazing facts about sparkling wine and champagne and offer nearly 200 varieties of them. However, you can pick out some good cocktails or Midwest-focused beers from an impressive list as well. If you come during the days when they feature live jazz music, the remarkable night out is guaranteed.

Marias Packaged Goods Community Bar 1

7. Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar

Come and see that Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, half tavern and half liquor store, has everything you need for an exceptional night out. It is hard to choose among wide craft beer selection, including these from their own microbrewery, or to pick out the best from daily-changing cocktails. Come to this unique community hub to organize your birthday party, hear the best DJs, or just to spend board game nights with your best friend.

The Violet Hour

8. The Violet Hour

Behind an ever-changing mural is hidden the entrance to The Violet Hour, the ultimate drinking destination. The music oscillates between classic rock, hip-hop, and indie darlings while bartenders make precise, polished cocktails. Don’t miss Ted’s Talk or the Byass and Me, my favorite cocktails, but there is also an option to get something which is off the menu. The only rule is to follow the three mandatory house rules – no bombs, no Cosmopolitans, and no Grey Goose.

Green Door Tavern

9. Green Door Tavern

The oldest Chicago’s tavern is located in the building built after the great Chicago fire in 1872. The name ‘Green Door Tavern’ exists since 1921 including the years of prohibition. Nowadays, it still keeps the traces of history in the main bar, but it also houses a new drinking club ‘The Drifter’ hidden behind a wall. Go to the basement and try top-notch cocktails from a menu printed onto a deck of Tarot cards.

Green Mill

10. Green Mill

Everyone who is into the nightlife life in Chicago has heard of Green Mill, the Al Capone’s former favorite venue. With its prohibition-era history and a cash-only bar, this place is a go-to for the shows of all kinds. Down the L-shaped bar is a bigger lounge with the stage. Come to enjoy the best throwback jazz scene in the city for more than a century. Layback surrounded by wall art and statues and drink one of their classic cocktails.

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