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Are is a good list of some common events and promotions for bars and nightclubs.

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Bar Promotions and events

We have put together a list of all the different promotions and events, that bars and nightclubs can run to get people in the door. We will continue to add to this list, so bookmark this page and we would love to see you again soon.

Not all are winners, this is a list of ones we have seen!

This list has all different promotions and events used by bars and nightclubs. Promotions that work in Australia may not work in the States. When choosing a event or a promotion to run, make sure you test your market and understand all the financial and social ramifications.

We have also created a huge list of ideas and promos which we will keep adding to the more ideas we see.

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Burger and beer promotions
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Promotions are normally food and drink deals or discounts. These are a great way to get people in at certain times. The plan is to try and get them in with a promotion and then make them stay for an event. Using this tactic will limit the loss as when they are there for the event they will spend more at full price.

Happy Hours

Happy hours are the most common promotion around, they are used to encourage patrons to come at a time they normally would not. The most common practice is before dinner. Happy hour is designed to get patrons in for some drinks. Get people in a good mood with couple of drinks so  they want to stay for dinner or just stay there for all night long.

Wine Down Fridays

Wine down Friday is a  targeted happy hour. Target is anyone that wants to wind down at the end of the week. This is a great phrase to use as it targets an emotion of wine-ing (winding)  down on a Friday.

Food and Drink combos

Beer and burger $10 is too good to refuse. Food and drink combos are great drawcards for midweek or slow days. The good thing about food and drink combos is if you do it right you are not missing out on profit. Only have one type of burger and one type of beer in the deal. Talk to suppliers and ask for bulk discounts, hopefully this will keep the profit margin the same.

Burger and beer promotions
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One of the great carnival games and bar games, but instead of winning a prize put some drinks on the line. Plus there are many creative drinking games that have been done with skee-ball. 7 different holes means 7 possible drink options so if you suck at Skee-Ball you’re going to be on the floor quick.

Trivia Night

Hire someone to do it, trying to do this yourself while managing a bar is too hard. To keep people coming back host needs to be good. Trivia is not just asking questions and getting answers. People like it when it’s also entertaining.

Singles Nights

Singles nights are good and bad just like the relationships that are formed there.  They do get a lot of people coming and the guys normally spend big to look better, but they can backfire when too many people complain about the “quality” of singles.


Pretty much whatever you can think of. . .

Food or drink- they both can encourage conversation and atmosphere. Food tasting will encourage people to buy drinks and tasting beverages will make everyone more comfortable.

Couple of examples:

Cheese tastings

Food tastings

Whisky tastings

Wine tastings

Beer tastings

Cocktail classes
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Cooking Classes

Great money, great fun, massive overhead. This is for real cooking lovers, mainly because you will need a bigger kitchen, better insurance and you will have to close while doing this.

Cocktail making classes

Cocktail making classes can be really good because you can get to know your locals and your locals get to know each other.. If you are not confident in running the course talk to cocktail making schools and they can use your venue to do it.

pool Comp

Pool tables are a great way to keep people busy in your bar, the longer you can keep them there, the more they drink!

Arcade Games

Some arcade games can be very anti-social. Make sure you pick ones that are quick and easy so everyone can have a go. Also pick ones that suit your location.

Theme nights

Theme nights are hard work you can’t just tell everyone to get a costume. You will need to drop some money on advertising and decorations. If you have the right following and a good team these nights can be so much fun.

Also you do not want to have a theme night every week people will get over of it pretty quickly.

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