Best Backpackers Bars in Melbourne Australia

Best Backpackers Bars in Melbourne Australia

Australia is known to be a big destination for backpackers. Beautiful nature, relaxed people and amazing nightlife are just couple of reasons why people love coming to Australia. If you end up in Melbourne and are looking for a fun place, checkout the best backpacker bars in Melbourne.

29th apartment cover

1. 29th Apartment

29th Apartment is St.Kilda is a funky spot themed as a New York style loft-apartment.  They got DJ’s, food and alcohol. 29th apartment is a fun place to be as a backpacker and definitely worth checking out.

2. Turf sports bar

Turf Sports bar is your classic sports bar with plenty of screens, great pub food, drink specials and awesome events. Visit on a trivia night or any other time for the fun, authentic sports bar experience.

Best backpacker bars in melbourne

3. Father's Office

Father’s Office is 1920s style speakeasy definitely worth checking out. As a backpacker make sure to wear your Sunday best because flip-flops and casual clothes are not allowed. Cocktails in this place are amazing and atmosphere is buzzing so pop in and enjoy the party!


4. Industry Bar

Industry is a bar located right next to backpackers. They got plenty of entertainment happening like trivia nights, beer pong, karaoke and so much more. So, what better place there would be to make some new friends and have fun,

The Joint Bar cover

5. The Joint bar

The Joint bar is another great spot located next to backpackers. It has great food menu and awesome views of the city. As expected they got some fun events happening like karaoke, trivia night and much more. The joint bar is awesome place to enjoy the views and make some new friends.

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What are your favorite spots to meet people in Melbourne and do you know any other awesome backpacker bars? Please let us know in comments below.


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