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who doesn’t love a good game of beer pong. What a Great way to build atmosphere

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Is Beer pong a good idea

A Beer pong table or tournament in your bar is a great idea if you are legally allowed to do it. If you are a sports or college bar this is a great way to create atmosphere and generate business.

This is not a great idea if you are a family friendly bar, as it can get very rowdy.  You are also not going to host a beer pong game in your whiskey den, it just doesn’t suit the environment.

Beer pong tournaments can create great, fun atmosphere for your bar. You can host games once a month or a big game once a year. Hosting it weekly makes your customers loose interest pretty quick.

What is Beer Pong?

Beer pong, also called Beirut, is a drinking game where players throw a ping pong ball across the table and have to land the ball in a cup of beer up the other end. A beer pong game normally has teams of two at each end of the table and they play it in turns. 6-10 cups are use and set up in a triangle formation. When the ball lands in your opponents cup they have to drink the contents.

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The legal

There is a whole world of modern day legal dramas with beer pong. If you are going to give in to all the snowflakes in your town you will never have any fun.

Check your local liqueur laws, ask a lawyer what you are and are not allowed to do. We always stick with the fact that if you do everything possible to make sure people are not getting too intoxicated and pay attention to what is going on to make sure everyone remains safe. This is the best way to start.

We are not lawyers so you need to talk to one before hosting a beer pong tournament.

Hosting a Beer pong Tournament.

Things you need to do,

Just couple of things to think of when you are planing and starting a beer pong tournament at you bar.

How do they enter

  • Online registration.
  • On the night registration.

The terms

  • What will be the number of minimum games.
  • Can you buy back in.
  • Other rules and conditions.

Figure out the money

  • How much to enter.
  • How much for spectators.


  • How are you going to promote the event, online, facebook.
  • Collage campus’s, local papers.


  • Talk to local business.
  • Talk to beer suppliers for merchandise.
  • Give cash prizes.
  • Get major sponsor that can put up banners and promotional material.

How will you execute

  • How much staff will you need.
  • How many beer pong tables will you need.
  • How much extra beer will you need.
  • What is the process of handing out prizes.
  • How do you need to promote sponsors.

More things to think of

  • Spills and clean up. You do  not want people slipping over.
  • Food options – quick and easy meals to promo.
  • Spectator viewing area.

Just having a table at your bar all the time.

If you don’t want to have a tournament, but still just want the option for your patrons. Remember it is taking up valuable real estate in your bar so make sure it can provide you with some ROI. Make it easy for people to play- have a package of 2 jugs, cups and a ball for $XXX and they can have the table for XXX time. If everything is clear and you have everything they need on hand all the time, people will play.

As we have seen if people play others want to try or just the atmosphere in the room lights up.

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