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Your Bar should be serving beer in “beer clean” glasses.

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Beer Clean in All Bars

“Beer Clean” is a very important part of the Beer Industry. It means that the glassware you use for pouring a delicious beer must be free of all contaminants that may harm the whole drinking experience. If you pour a beer into clean-looking glassware, then you are not being careful enough and your beer might not taste, look, feel, or smell quite as it should.

What is Beer Clean?

It means your glassware must be perfectly clean to achieve the perfect pouring and overall drinking experience.

Glassware that is designed for beer must be treated specially. From washing to drying, and storing, you must pay attention to all of the phases the glassware may undergo. A glass that looks clean-enough is never properly clean. So check before pouring!

Beer Clean
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Why Is This important?

Beer glasses need to be squeaky-clean because otherwise, the CO2 released while pouring it will cling to the walls inside of the glass. That causes the head of the beer to be weak and fade away quickly, which is directly effecting the beers taste and aroma. Everything matters if you want to offer or drink a perfectly poured beer.

How Do You Make A Glass Beer Clean?

Bars and Nightclubs – There are special tools for achieving properly cleansed glassware at bars. It’s recommended the use of special soap for beer glassware (no, we’re not making this up) and a sanitizing solution. Other tools like air-dryers, built-in glass sprayers, and more.

At Home – You can easily achieve this with a nice brush for scrubbing your glassware, a drying rack with lots of air-flow, and patience. You can also use table-salt as a detergent-free solution! Scrub the salt with paper towels, and rinse with plain water. 

So Make Your Beer Better!

Getting you glassware contaminant-free is a total game changer. Apply this to your bar or home bar, and you’ll be offering perfect beers in no time. This can change the whole beer-drinking experience for your customers, and make your bar stand out easily. Cheers!

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