Bassiani nightclub

Tbilisi, Georgia.

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Bassiani nightclub, Tbilisi, Georgia.

One of the most interesting, influential and controversial nightclubs of the worlds is certainly the Bassiani, in Tbilisi, Georgia. In this nightclub, the word “underground” falls short to describe it! Located under the biggest stadium of the capital city, the Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena, this nightclub has a maximum capacity of 1200 people, which makes it the biggest techno nightclub of Tbilisi and Georgia as well.

Bassiani nightclub Tbilisi Georgia.
Photo by Antoine J. on Unsplash

Bassiani nightclub, redefining “underground”.

This bar is the exact opposite of classic. It’s actually the most underground thing you can think of, a cellar of a stadium which uses an unused pool as its main dancing floor! Now, pair up that with a top-notch sound system, otherworldly openness and acceptance and some drinks and you got yourself an underground nightclub. They also have a smaller dance floor where they play softer music, and it’s a nice place to chill after the dance-off.

 Is one of the most interesting attractions of the city, even if it’s a little bit hard to get in. Once you’ve registered on their website, you’ll have to pass through a tight security in order to enter. And they certainly mean that classic “we reserve the right to refuse service” phrase. This is a response to their post-soviet experiences (that’s the controversial part), and once you see it that way, you’ll understand why you can or can’t get in. It’s just a community protecting mechanism, get it?

The place is interesting because of its mysterious nature, with the super low lights, its acceptance of selected patrons, and the total lack of judgments. This is a paradise for equality!

Enjoy the music, that will take you back to a 90s rave party for sure. Are you ready for the non-stop dancing to loud music? Go get it at the Bassiani nightclub!

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Jason Masson

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