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Basic Straws is an innovative company that, well, makes paper straws. Sounds simple? Actually is a great idea! Paper straws are good for the environment because it eliminates the necessity of using plastic as a primary source for making straws. If you offer drinks that are perfect for sipping but don’t want to harm the environment and the seas with more plastic, Basic Straws are the solution you need. They are cheap, they are easy to recycle, and they are very fashionable. You can personalize your straws thanks to their amazing service, and display your bar, restaurant, or pub’s logo or any other cool design.

Are paper straws good for the environment?

People ask this a lot, and yes, of course, they are! Why? Because when you use a paper straw, you’re using them just for a while, just like plastic ones. The huge difference is that they are compostable within 30-60 days, which is way better than 50-200 years, which is what takes for plastic straws to degrade fully.

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Basic Straws - Not Basic

This company seeks to eliminate the use of plastic straws, which are actually a huge threat to our seas and environment. Why? Because they always end up harming animals that believe them to be food. With the help of this company – and many others- that is socially responsible, we’ll start to avoid the horrifying truth; according to strawlessocean.org, thee will be more plastic straws in the ocean than fish. We are the only ones to blame, and thanks to people like the creators of this amazing company, we can start to clean up the mess we’ve caused over the years. And they are much better than regular plastic straws! Cheap, reliable, fashionable, and without causing any harm. 

Basic straws also offer a huge selection of highly fashionable standard designs from different sizes that are sure to suit your needs. They are designed in a way that they resist up to 6 hours in a cold drink. We highly recommend this supplier for your bars and restaurants, because it’s the starting point for a set of changes that will certainly help us get our seas back from the menace of our own trash!

Time to clean up our Act.

If you’re ready to start collaborating with the cleansing of our seas, and the only place we have to live in, without stopping to do simple things – like sipping a drink – the way you used to, then start by contacting Basic Straws! Check out their products, benefits and make them your straw suppliers to improve the way you recycle. You’ll find out also that these are much cheaper and convenient than other types of straws. Avoid the hassle of cleaning metallic straws and throwing more plastic out into the world.


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