BarAdvisor Update 15/03/2021

Just Weeks Away From Launch!

BarAdvisor APP is ready and about to launch! Adelaide, SA, Australia will be the first to see the new site and APP.

Bar advisor APP

We have watched our industry get devastated over the last 12 months with many bars and clubs yet to re-open their doors. To date we have removed over 2000 bars that have closed permanently. These are very sad times for many families and businesses all over the world, hopefully things will return to normal soon.

Covid also took it’s toll on BarAdvisor financially and technically. But we do need to get back to business and BarAdvisor will finally be launched for people to find everything they need in nightlife.

We will be running a state by state  roll out, starting in Adelaide SA we will grow the listings with in one state over one or two months and then move to the next state.

Planned Roll Out.


Adelaide, SA, Australia

Regional SA, Australia


Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Regional, VIC, Australia


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Regional, NSW, Australia

We will update as we move forward.

If you would like us to pop in to your venue, please reach out to us.



Marcus N



If things look a bit off, it’s because we are still working on the site and APP.

We are excepting listings, but this is still a Beta version as we are still working to bring you the best possible site and APP.

Please be patient.