Press Release 01/05/2022

Bar Advisor Network Continues Accelerated Growth

Reaching under 200k world ranking in 5 months. Now competition with some long-standing brands within the space!

BarAdvisor Webrank

Adelaide, May. 15, 2022BarAdvisor moving up the ranks! BarAdvisor has made it under the 200k mark for website world rankings in just 5 months.

BarAdvisor saw a massive 89% decrease in traffic due to Covid19 after its launch in late 2019. Putting marketing and lots of projects and upgrades on hold awaiting the post-Covid new normal. At the start of 2022, we were optimistic that the world was calming down and the fear of going to your local was easing.

Stepping up our content in the first couple of months of 2022 showed us what people were looking for.

Happy Hours, trivia nights and local food deals were what people wanted so we gave it to them and within 5 months we went from 4 million rank to under 200k.  

2023 looking bright

Continuing the growth of our events listing at the end of 2022 will put us in a strong position for platform upgrades in early 2023.

Visit www.baradvisor.com for more information.