Press Release 02/03/2022

BarAdvisor Backing Blockchain

“Blockchain is the future! Just not in volatile crypto currencies.”

Marcus Newark, Founder BarAdvisor

BarAdvisor Blockchain Upgrade

Adelaide, March 2, 2022 –Australian Start-Up BarAdvisor will be moving into the Crypto space with a range of blockchain products to support the billion-dollar nightlife industry. 

BarAdvisor is developing a new social peer-to-peer platform in 2022 that will change the nightlife industry forever. BarAdvisor Upgrade


With Patents pending on a range of smart contract link structures, the billion-dollar nightlife industry could just be the tip of the iceberg for more manageable business smart contracts. 


BarAdvisors’ new platform will integrate Utility tokens, POW currency, Social Rewards, data collection, intelligent tracking, and monitoring, plus provide an open door for Web3 opportunities. 


In talks with some of the biggest names in blockchain to help build this advanced platform, we see signs that this will be one of the most disruptive crypto projects of 2022.


BarAdvisor will launch new upcoming investment opportunities via seed fund round, plus setting up for late 2022 ICO. BarAdvisor wants to make sure the average Joe has access to BarAdvisors opportunities.


For more info, visit BarAdvisor Blockchain Upgrade