BarAdvisor 3.0

BarAdvisor 3.0 is a nightlife social network using WEB3 blockchain technology to provide a unique experience for users and tools for businesses to reach new patrons.

Businesses will have free access to a wide range of products to automate daily duties, marketing, and lots more. Learn more about BarAdvisor Business HERE.

Users will love BarAdvisor 3.0. Active users will be rewarded like never before with instant usable rewards. Learn more about BarAdvisor for users HERE

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Payments, Promotion, Profit

BarAdvisor for Business

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BarAdvisor 3.0 will provide free access to a range of products businesses are paying for right now. BarAdvisor will work on a pay per sale model, only pay when BarAdvisor generates sales. By using smart contracts, you will be able to automate daily tasks to free up more time to focus on your customers.

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The Network

The Largest part of BarAdvisor is the network that has been the main focus of BarAdvisor 3.0’s design. We want to harness the power of every business and user on the network. Your network has a huge potential reach, and we will provide access to it. Think of this as a rebate or affiliate program on steroids. Everyone has a set of tools to help promote themselves while rewarding people on their network. This feature is designed for all users on the platform. For example, if an artist wants your attention, they can get it. If you want an influencer to promote your product, it will be one click away.


The network data processed from all networks can be used to create new opportunities.


Use of smart contracts is a secure way for users to manage tasks and results to attract new networks or clients.


Results are stored on the blockchain, so they cannot be manipulated or faked.


BarAdvisor provides access to your customers like never before. You can scrap your email marketing list and loyalty cards. We can connect you directly with past and future customers. You will have access to your whole target market, and you can target your regulars or patrons that don't even know you exist. Use search filters to make sure you target marketing funds on potential customers.

Business Tools

BarAdvisor is a free, all-in-one tool. You can also integrate with most 3rd party solutions like QR menus, online ordering, payments, BarAdvisors custom POS, stock management, staff management/rosters, financial management, marketing tools, and management for social networks. All of this links via multiple data points into our blockchain to provide an open source of data for you and other venues to save money and produce more revenue.

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BarAdvisor for Users

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Fun blockchain-backed social network and directory that will open users up to information and a rewards system like no other. You can also have control of your content and valuable data.

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Instant Rewards

Our research has found that people don't trust rewards programs. It takes too long for them to gain any value. After signing up on BarAdvisor 3.0, you will have automatic access to instant usable rewards as soon as you earn them. You don't even need to earn rewards, you might just get them. Beers on BarAdvisor is one of those rewards that gives users a drink on us instantly. All you have to do is order on BarAdvisor and enjoy your drink.


BarAdvisor's social network will provide some great tools to help connect you and your friends to what's going on. The social network will also have some other useful tools like your round and split the bill.


Using 1000's data points, BarAdvisor will help in building your profile to make sure the next place you visit fits you perfectly.

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Local content only! BarAdvisor is not here to show you cool things you are missing out on in other locations, we will show you only local events etc.

Safe Data

Your data is your data. You control how it's used and how you benefit from it. Your data is securely stored on the blockchain.

Promote for Profit

If you have been promoting places for free on social networks for years, it's time to get more than likes out of it. When you take a photo of an amazing burger you had, and that image increases sales for the bar, you get an instant reward. Our blockchain network will host all this information, and you can view live results on your profile. The bigger your following, the more you earn.

BarAdvisor STO EOI

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in investing in BarAdvisor, please let us know using this form. When we launch our STO round BarAdvisor will run a pre-sale using contacts from this form.

This contact form will only be used to contact you when we launch the BarAdvisor STO.

If you are interested in the SEED funding Round ($500K+), please contact us directly. Contact Us