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Our entertainment schedule offers Trivia Quiz Night, Boozy Bingo, Rock ‘n Roll Bingo (a game where special cards have songs on them instead of numbers – hear the track and mark it off like a conventional game of bingo), Music Quiz Night and Karaoke, all of this in a friendly, family atmosphere. For 2019 we are introducing a new Interactive Quiz – so you will need your Smartphone to play. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, making us generally one of the cheapest bars in Portinatx and many of our imported products cost the same (or less) in Euros as you are accustomed to paying in Pounds in your local pub. Draught beers – Estrella (a 5% Premium Spanish Lager), Carling Extra Cold Lager, Stella Artois and draught Thatchers cider. We have pint bottles of Magners and Crabbies, pint cans of Kopparberg, Guinness and John Smiths. In bottled beers we sell Estrella (on offer at 3 for 5 Euros), San Miguel (on offer at 3 for 6.25 Euros), Coronita (Corona), Heineken, Desperados (both the normal size and the mighty pint and a quarter size) and Budweiser. For many years we have only sold top branded spirits with bottled mixers but since 2013 we have also offered the cheaper option of ‘House’ spirits and machine mixers to help those on a budget (for example a house gin & tonic only costs 4.25 Euros and that is for a healthy ‘Spanish’ measure, (about 20% more than a UK double). Our ‘House’ spirits are the same strength as the main brands like Smirnoff or Gordons.

Since 2018, in addition to House, Beefeater, Larios and Gordons we offer a selection of Premium Gins such as Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Gordon’s Pink, Bluwer Blue Gin, Hendricks, Brockmans and Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin. Vodka – In addition to House and Smirnoff we stock a selection of Premium Vodkas – including Absolut Vanilla, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Russian Standard, Beluga Noble and Ciroc.

To supplement these Premium Brands we have a choice of Fever Tree Premium Tonics,  regular or Mediterranean varieties, Bottled or draught Pepsi ‘Blue’ tonic and cans of Schweppes Tonic Light (or Zero).

House wines from Catalunya are sold by the bottle or glass and available in Dry White, Medium Sweet White, Rose and Red. Other wines include Chardonay and Prosecco sold by the full-size bottle. We also stock smaller individual sized bottles of Prosecco and Cava (200ml bottles)

We have a range of alcopops, Smirnoff Ice, WKD’s & Bacardi Breezers at 3 Euros each.

There are no time restrictions for bringing children into the bar and we have a good range of kiddies coctails to offer as well as Irn Bru light, Vimto light, J2O, Fruit Shoots , fruit juices, squashes and strawberry or blue Slush Puppies.

For the grown-ups, try a regular cocktail, a pint cocktail, a jug cocktail or one of our new Premium cocktails.

Try a shot, or a bomb – selected shots (5 to choose from) are 3 for 5 Euros and ‘bombs’ (9 to choose from) are 2 for 5 Euros, or try a special, with 3 Vardy bombs for 9 Euros.

Why not have a jug of freshly made regular or champagne Sangria.

A visit to Delboys wouldn’t be complete without trying the legendary ‘Hoover’.

Try the ‘Pear’ challenge – it’s nothing to do with fruit!! Succeed and earn a place on the Hall of Fame


*This listing is not currently maintained by, endorsed by or affiliated with Delboys Bar


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