Bar Spoon

Common cocktails

  • Old Fashion
  • Sazerac
  • Martini (Stirred)
  • Negroni

Bar spoon, stirring your way into cocktailing.

If you have a home bar, and you use a butter knife to stir your cocktails, do you really call yourself a barman? You can’t! So, we introduce you to the Bar Spoon!

This funny-shaped spoon is the best when talking about stirring cocktails.

Its shape actually helps it to slide better between ice cubes, which stops the annoying clanking sound. Because of its length, it also helps to reach the bottom of just about anything you throw your mixes in. It’s also great for measuring a small number of ingredients because the spoon holds about 2.5ml. Some designs include a muddler-like shape on one side, so they can also work like one.

Expert bartenders use bar spoons for layering cocktails. You can do it as well, with a lot of practice of course.

Types of Bar Spoons.

There are three main types of bar spoons; the American, the European and the Japanese.

The American one is the cheapest one you can find, but it works great. Its design is quite simple, and it has a distinctive red cap on the end. The European one has the hammer-like shape, which is often used to muddle fruit for cocktails. The Japanese one is slimmer than the other two, has a rather sturdy design and comes with several practical designs on the end, like a fork for pinching garnishes or teardrop-like design.

Some advice for proper bar spooning.

Here you have some tips for the proper use of a bar spoon:

  • You have to introduce the spoon between the ice and one side of the glass.
  • After that, all you have to do is just pull and push the spoon; its shape will do the job.
  • Don’t move it too much, all it takes is a wrist swing.
  • The less you hear the ice, the better. This means that you’ll get proper aeration.
  • Don’t stir for too long, 30 times will do. If you stir too much, you’ll end up diluting the ice. This means you’ll get watery cocktails.

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