Bar Rescue- The good, the bad & the ugly side of bars.

Learn about what to avoid in your bar by watching real bar failures.

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Bar Rescue

Watch how Jon Taffer saves people from having lousy bars that are about to close down because of their poor quality, bad service, and other negative traits. Jon has a lot of expertise in the industry and uses his knowledge of more than 30 years in business to fix the mistakes people are making! Although most of the times his work is a success, sometimes bars still fail because of stubborn people who undo the changes he applies. This TV show is filled with all the drama and stress that will make you cringe by showing the true colors of bar owners.

What is Bar Rescue ?

Bars failing and about to close? Jon Taffer offers the right solutions to problems with his wide experience!

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What is Bar Rescue

Jon Taffer along with his team of experts provide the selected establishments with proper solutions to their problems. Bad administration, poor service, bad workers, bad cocktails or drinks, dirty kitchens, bathrooms and even wrong distribution of space are some of the problems they can fix for your bar. The Bar Rescue team certainly know what’s best for bars, even if that means that the very owners need to leave! They use spies so they can sort out all the weaknesses and strengths of each bar before getting to work. This show is great for bar owners who want to learn by watching other peoples’ mistakes!

What will it teach you

This show will teach you how to manage your bar because of all the noteworthy information Jon and his teammates spit out while rescuing a bar. Tips on how to administrate, what events to do, what changes to make and how the structure  a bar should are always good when owning an establishment. The show can even teach you what music to play. There’s a lot of science going on, too. It is also great to learn more about how to treat your customers and employees. This show is filled with great bar-running wisdom you can use!

Jon Taffer

He’s the chairman of his own consulting company and has been working with bars for more than three decades. Thanks to his experience and capable team that follows him, you can trust this man to fix any bar!

Why Is Bar Rescue Helpful?

If you’re running a bar or want to run a bar, you can learn how to identify your mistakes with this show. Actually, you can sometimes see the same mistakes you’re making at your bar in some of the featured bars. It doesn’t matter whether your bar is new or old, or hasn’t even opened its doors yet, you can avoid some common (and somewhat rookie) mistakes by watching this show. Learn what to avoid and save some bucks without even getting started. What’s there to lose? It’s free counseling!

When and where can I watch Bar Rescue?

You can check it out on A&E Foxtel in Australia, on Paramount Network, or on Amazon Prime!  Go get your bar-running wisdom on point!

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Jason Masson

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